How to choose your Nordic tipi - what are your needs?

Which number of persons, dogs or children? When will the tent be used? How much can it cost and weight?

Size – number of people sleeping is one aspect. Number of people sitting down chattering is another.

A bigger tent gives more space to live in if the weather is no cooperating. It also takes a larger place to put up. Do you have that area?

Do you want the comfort and possibility to move around in the Nordic tipi? Children who wants to play? Are you thinking of using a stove? That means a bigger size will suit and give a feeling of a home away from home.

In the other way a smaller size gives an even more cosy, smaller, nearer, warmer togetherness feeling. It has also less weight if you are going to carry the tent.


Functions – are you in need of much ventilation? The tent models have got different amounts of air intake.

Do you live or are going to be among lots of mosquitos? Pro and Comfort tents are equipped with mosquito net roof closable around the central pole.

What kind of fabric material is good enough to you and your use of the Nordic tipi? If you are going to put it up once a year, there is no need of buying the very best fabric to the highest price. In that case it is better to choose an Onyx.

But if you plan to use the tent many times and in tougher situations or want the Nordic tipi set up all year, it is better to pay a little more and get the best of the best material quality. Then Safir would be the best choice.

Just remember – when comparing Tentipi Nordic tipis with other brands – the scale we measure from begins higher than others. Already Onyx has a high quality contrasted to tent in the same tent class.


Portability – how much are you going to transport your equipment on the back? By car? In other ways? The answer of the question tells if the Nordic tipi would be smaller in a lightweight fabric or a bigger in cotton/polyester fabric.

Does the pack size matter? A smaller tent makes a smaller pack size …

If your choice is a bigger tent model and you are going to carry the load for a while – do you be able to share the weight with others? One taking the pegs, another the canvas and the third the central pole.

Depending on the use of the Nordic tipi in winter time or just in the summer, the different fabrics suit in various ways.

A tent put up in the sun for a long time ages more rapidly than if put in shelter during the most UV spreading sunshine. The cotton/polyester fabric withstands the sun better than a lightweight fabric.

In the winter always be careful with snow loadings on the tent. Even a thin snow cover can break the central pole. The loads quickly become heavy. Take the snow away immediately.


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