How to avoid damages on the expander rods of the Nordic tipi?

At the top of the larger Nordic tipis there are expanders made of fibreglass, which stretch the smoke opening of single-pole Nordic tipis. The expanders are easily broken if handled incorrectly.

These fibreglass rods have to be carefully handled when taking down your tent. To avoid damages on the fibreglass rods and the expander sleeves do like this:

Around the smoke opening there are eight fibreglass rods. Place them in two rows, four rods in each row, opposite to each other.

How to fold Tentipi expanders fibreglass rod

Put the two rows together and fold the tent fabric over, making it half as big.

How to fold Tentipi expanders fibreglass rods

Fold the fabric several times to make it the right width, but do not fold the expanders again. Just let them be the width of the folded-up central pole and roll the fabric tightly around the central pole. Should the expanders be folded more, the rods may cause damage to the expander sleeves.

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