How to choose lightweight or cotton/polyester in your Nordic tipi if you are alone?

Which is the best - lightweight or cotton/polyester fabric for a lone camper in a Nordic tipi tent? Here is a help to choose.

Bush crafting when the tent stands at the same spot for a while makes a small cotton/polyester Nordic tipi suitable (Olivin 2 cp).

The cotton/polyester fabric suits you if you want to use your tent all through the year.

There is a small chimney opening and you can use a micro stove in Olivin 2 cp.

Hiking a lot and carrying the tent, means it’s easier to carry the lightweight Nordic tipi with an inner tent (Olivin 2 Combi) or just the outer tent in lightweight fabric.

A lightweight tent can be put up in spring, summer and autumn, when snow on the tent walls fast become too heavy to the middle pole.

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The lightweight fabric dries quickly.

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