Do I need a floor or an inner tent in my Nordic tipi?

There are quite a few different options to choose from if you want a floor or an inner tent in the Nordic tipi. Here are some tips.

You do not necessarily need a floor or an inner tent in the Nordic tipi, but sometimes the ground or the weather make you wish for something extra. Just remember that an inner tent makes a little less space in the tent together with the extra protection it provides from ground damp.

In a lightweight tent that does not breathe, an inner tent helps to divert the condensation water thanks to the slope of the tent wall.

The cotton/polyester tent which exhales the condensation itself can be more airy and well protected from insects if using a mesh inner tent.

A floor in the tent gives the opportunity to remove shoes, protects from some insects and ground damp. But an inner tent always protects better against insects than a floor.

To use an open fire or a stove in the tent, the floor must be able to be folded away in the middle. There are also openable floors in some of the inner tents.

The floors and inner tents need not to be detached when taking down the Nordic tipi.

There are half floors as well, and they can be connected with Velcro to each other. Fleece floors and floors made of polyamide fabric can be mixed to get the comfort you want to have.