How to choose your Nordic tipi – a quick guide to the Tentipi concept

The Tentipi concept: Choose functionality, easy to use, the same structure from five sizes, four models and three classes.

All the Nordic tipis have the same structure. The central pole is the hub in all tents in the Adventure range. You measure out the area and where to place the pegs through using a mounting cross and a measuring tape. The Nordic tipis are designed for the use of a fireplace in a stove or a fire box. Thanks to the peaking top the ventilation is very good. You pitch the Nordic tipi in a few minutes and most sizes gives enough space for standing headroom.

Five sizes of tents give you the opportunity to choose the best one for your needs.

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There are four models of tents to choose from. They are performed in three classes – Pro, Comfort and Base.

Base is the tent class which, compared to Comfort and Pro, has less advanced ventilation, a simpler fabric and fewer functions. In comparison with tent models of other brands, Base maintains a high quality.

Comfort, like Pro, has the patented In-Tent VentTM system, more air intakes and more features.

Pro is a class made of higher quality materials and more air intakes to ventilate the Nordic tipi.


If you want to have a tent to put up once a year – choose a good but not the most advanced model. Onyx is a part of the Base class and Zirkon comes in the Comfort class.

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A trip to a snowy wildness? The choice would be a Nordic tipi with all the benefits you could get, for example Safir. Perhaps a little heavier to carry, but also more comfortable while waiting for the storm to abate. Safir belongs to the Pro class.

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Bush crafting? Choose Olivin – the smallest tent in the Tentipi range, in three different makes. Olivin is a tent in the Comfort class.

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Lightweight fabric or cotton/polyester?

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