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Hekla fire box

For cooking or heating on the go – it's the ideal portable solution


Our fire box, Hekla, gives off plenty of heat with very little smoke. Makes it easy to grill, cook, or just enjoy the heat and light. Its clever design means that it takes up very little space when packed. Normally, when you make a fire direct on the ground, a bed of coals builds up quickly. Wood stumps roll to the edges gently smoking.

Visible smoke contains non-combusted gases. Insufficient combustion gives three negative effects: the degree of efficiency is unsatisfactory, tar particles in the smoke burn your eyes and because the smoke is relatively cold, it does not rise so easily.

The Tentipi® fire box solves all these problems in a clever way. Many holes in the bottom provide the fire with sufficient oxygen. This both increases the combustion efficiency as well as the heat produced. Therefore, wood added to the fire burns better. The frame around the fire reflects the heat which ignites the wood stumps which would otherwise produce smoke.

Wood fuel use is reduced and there is much less risk for eye burning smoke.

The fire box is indispensible if you are going to build a fire on snow. The legs fold out and can be placed on branches or other support material on the snow, thereby preventing the fire box from sinking into the snow.

Read a review of Hekla 7 here, written by an independent user.Hekla 7 footprint


Hekla 7

Perfect for hiking as an alternative to a spirit stove set. Throws off a comfortable heat which, for our smaller Nordic tipis, is sufficient if temperature is only a few degrees below zero.

Weight (kg): 1.0
Size (cm): 35x21x11
Pack size (cm): 34x11x2
40014 Hekla 7
hekla 7 chromehekla 30 chrome
Hekla 30

Large enough for making big fires. Good for Nordic tipi size 7 and larger. When packed flat, it’s so small and compact it can be taken everywhere.

Weight (kg): 3.7
Size (cm): 51x32x17
Pack size (cm): 49x17x3
40015 Hekla 30
40024 Hekla fire box stand Grey40024 Hekla fire box stand packed
Hekla fire box stand

Lawns, sensitive forestland or stone slabs are effectively protected from scorching and on snow, the stand prevents the firebox from sinking because of the heat. It also prevents Hekla 30 from tipping over when the grate (accessory for Hekla 30) is used as a protruding shelf for keeping food warm.
The tent floor must always be folded away when the fire box stand is used.

Any size of Hekla and a grate for Hekla 30 fit inside the stand after it has been folded down to a compact unit.


Key features Hekla fire box stand
  • Has extra ground support on both long sides
  • Facilitates cooking
  • Folds down to a compact box when not in use
  • Fits Hekla 7 and 30
Weight (kg): 5.9 
Size (cm): 51x55x18
Pack size (cm): 51x22x7

40024 Hekla fire box stand

40035 Hekla BBQ grate 3040024 Hekla fire box stand with 40035 Hekla BBQ grate 30

Hekla 30 BBQ grate
Weight (kg): 0.6
Size (cm): 49x15

40035 Hekla 30 BBQ grate

Tentipi® Adventure tents are designed to allow the use of an open fire or stove making them a home from home in all weather conditions. Be sure you are fully competent to deal with the risks involved, before striking that match. Follow the instructions and fire safety advice that come with your tent.

Hekla fire box data sheet

All the facts and figures on Hekla.

Read our fire safety document

Learn how to use fire safely in our Nordic tipis.




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