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Many people love frothy white waters, wide stretches of open water and winter landscapes — but it has to be admitted that they do cause some problems in the form of wet clothes and cold bodies.

Tentipi Nordic tipis are superior to any other tent when it comes to dealing with damp and the other problems that water can cause. A Nordic tipi is always a welcoming home, warm and cosy, a place where you can re-live the events of the day around a blazing fire while the heat of the fire or stove dries out your clothes.

The raw air which exhaled air and wet clothes normally cause in every tent in the form of condensation on the inside of the tent fabric is replaced by comfortable warmth.

The fastenings which allow you to use accessories such as a drying rail, floor and inner tent have been designed so that you can cope with the element of water in all its different forms: ground damp, damp exhaled air and condensation.

Our cotton/polyester fabrics in particular make the experience of tenting in snow something completely different from ordinary tents thanks to condensation being steamed out through the canvas, creating a pleasant inside climate even in winter.

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Design features and fabrics

Find out what makes our Adventure Nordic tipis so special.

Read our fire safety document

Learn how to use fire safely in our Nordic tipis.




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