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Activity equipment


40100 TinderboxTinderbox

From the Iron Age until the invention of the match, the use of fire steel and flint was a common method of making fire. This way of making fire is an excellent skill to learn as an alternative to modern methods. It is really satisfying to make a fire like before and once you have started with this, it quickly feels like the best way to make a fire out in nature. Simple, historic and genuine.

The waterproof jar contains a traditional fire steel made of carbon-rich steel, sharp shards of flint, sticks from fomes fomentarius "tinder fungus", jute cord and 6 dm² of carbon cloth.






Gränsfors throwing axe

42010 ThrowingAxe

Gränsfors Bruk has been manufacturing hand-forged axes for over 100 years. Every single axe is designed specifically to fulfil a particular function, with a constant focus on high quality and area of application.

Throwing axe

The Gränsfors Double Bit Axe is based on the North American working axes, but has been modified for use in axe throwing. Both edges are identical and the centre of gravity and handle are carefully positioned so that the axe rotates well in flight. The dimensions and design of the axe comply with the rules for axe throwing.

Length: 75 cm
Edge length: 16 cm
Weight: 2.1
Sheath: vegetable-tanned leather




Lasso and reindeer antlers


Traditional Sami-style lasso made of tarred marlin with reindeer horn fitting.

Reindeer Antlers



Design features and fabrics

Find out what makes our Adventure Nordic tipis so special.

Read our fire safety document

Learn how to use fire safely in our Nordic tipis.


Activity Equipment


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