How to avoid hot mornings when camping in a Nordic tipi?

When you use a Nordic tipi with all its crucial features, it is easy to wake up to a pleasant and airy morning. You just have to think beforehand to get the best out of your campsite in a Nordic tipi. Here are some tips about how to avoid hot mornings when camping in a Nordic tipi. There are a few things to prepare.

Put up you Nordic tipi in a place where you get shadow in the morning.

The form of the tent itself gives a natural draft and you can make it work for you when using the In-Tent Vent system.

Place your sleeping space so that you can adjust one of the air intakes and the In Tent-Vent system from the sleeping bag.

If there are many mosquitoes and other insects, tighten the net to the central pole before opening the top cap to allow more air to flow through the tipi.

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