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Spares and repairs




Spare parts such as stakes and pegs, central poles or just about anything else are available to buy individually as a replacement. Please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Service or your retailer if you can’t find what you need.

Central pole
center pole

Advanced construction with optimal design for high strength combined with low weight. The high strength is achieved through hardening and alloy (three times stronger than ordinary aluminium).

30500 Central pole 2 Pro
12705 Central pole 5 Pro
12707 Central pole 7 Pro
12709 Central pole 9 Pro
12574 Central pole 15 Pro


Telescopic pole

Telescopic pole for canopies and Zirkonflex/Safirflex when raising the brim. See also Flex-strap for raising the Zirkonflex/Safirflex brim.
Bag for storage sold separately.
21100 Telescopic pole 200
12502 Bag for telescopic pole



To be used together with telescopic poles on Zirkonflex/Safirflex when raising the brim.
46031 Flex-strap 19/3



Fabric adhesive
43047 TextileGlue

This glue is suitable for impregnated fabrics. Waterproof, weather proof, and strong binding. Repairs rips and holes easily without you even having to take down the Nordic tipi. This is by far the best fabric adhesive we have tested!
43047 Fabric adhesive 40 ml


43064 Limotat

Glues wood, metal and glass. Completely weather-proof. The adhesive binding is transparent and flexible.
43064 Multi-adhesive


Impregnating agent Eazy Dry 0,5 litre
Eazy Dry

Dirt and water repellent impregnation on spray bottle for quick and effective protection.
43058 Impregnating agent Eazy Dry 0,5 litre
Not sold during winter months as the impregnating agent can be frost damaged.


Impregnating agent
43060 ImpregnatinAgent1Liter

For use on fabrics with at least 50 percent natural fibre blend. Avoid agents which are sprayed on the fabric. They only give a thin surface coating and are therefore easily worn off. Our impregnating agent provides thorough renovation and protects against both rotting and water. The very high proportion of dry matter gives exceptional long-term protection: two to three seasons of intensive use. This agent was produced for the Swedish and Norwegian armies, which guarantees high quality.
43060 impregnating agent 1 litre
43057 impregnating agent 5 litre
43061 impregnating agent 20 litre
Not sold during winter months as the impregnating agent can be frost damaged.


Seam impregnating agent
43062 SeamImpregnating

Can be used for seams on both impregnated and coated fabrics.
43062 Seam impregnating agent
Not sold during winter months as the impregnating agent can be frost damaged.


Repair kit
10581 Repair kit open

Originally made for the Event tipis but suits the Adventure tipis as well. The kit consists of needles, thread, sailmaker’s palm, bands, pieces of fabric, rings, fabric adhesive and seam impregnation agent. Everything is stored in a tool bag with many compartments.
10581 Repair kit





If a repair is needed that you can't handle, contact your retailer for details of a Tentipi Approved Repairer.

For repairs done at Tentipi in Sweden

Make use of our low season! If you notice that a repair is required after the season’s last usage, get in contact with us straight away. By doing so, you gain two things: firstly, you will have your tent back in good shape ready for the next time you need it and, secondly, the repair will be done cheaper. Repairs are charged per hour. There is also a fixed price list for converting older models and for certain standard jobs.

Repairs, sub-contract work October–February

Repairs done quicker during these months.

Repairs, sub-contract work March–September

Our high season. Therefore, longer delivery times. Remember to order repair work in good time.


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