How to avoid damages from snow on the Nordic tipi?

When using a Nordic tipi and it is snowing you have to take off the snow immediately. Learn why snow easy damages the tent.

“Snowflakes cannot be that heavy”, you think, “they are just soft cold water.” But snow can be heavy when wet and many flakes. Avoid damages from snow on the tent and take it off as soon as possible.

The snow weight depends on how much water the snow contains. Water from rain usually runs off and does not make the canvas heavier when it gets wet. Snow that is left quickly gives you great weight on the tent. About 10 centimeters wet fresh snow or wind packed snow can give 20 kg weight on a square meter.

In a Nordic tipi it is a safety aspect that the central pole is the first thing to be broken if there is a heavy load on the fabric. When you are on a hiking trip, it is much better to have to replace the central pole if it is broken, than to have a hole in the wall fabric.

All kinds of tents of all brands are damaged if there is snow on the fabric.