Should the snowflap be folded in or out?

The edge at the bottom of the Nordic tipi is called the snowflap and is often reinforced. In any case, even without reinforcement, the edge is there to be folded inwards or outwards depending on weather and season. Here are tips to know the best way to fold the snowflap.

When using the tent in snow, it is the best to fold the bottom edge outwards and put a little snow on the edging to protect from wind inside the Nordic tipi.

Watch a video about tenting in snow

When using the Nordic tipi where there are mosquitoes and other insects fold in the bottom edge and assemble the O-ring and toggle at the edge of the fabric. (The other O-ring is for tensioning the floor or an inner tent.)

FAQ fold the base fabric in or out example


You can put fire woods for instance on the inwards folded edge to tighten it towards the ground.

If using a floor or an inner tent always fold the bottom edge fabric in under the floor to get the best protection you can from ground damp and insects.

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