How to avoid damages on the zip of the Nordic tipi?

What you need to know to avoid damage on the zip of your Nordic tipi. If the zip is difficult to close, stop trying to close it. Do not use more force as there is a risk of damaging the zip. When it is going sluggishly, it is probably too far between the tent pegs at the entrance. By moving them a little closer to each other, you can solve the problem and avoid a damaged zip.


Some tips to avoid damage to the zip

The first thing you can do to avoid damage to the zip is to use the mounting cross carefully. Put the marking for the door on the mounting cross in the direction you want to have the entrance, and set the pegs at their places measured with help of the measuring tape. The pegs at the door have to have some closer distance between the pegs. If it is hard to close the zip, you have probably put the entrance pegs too far apart.

Adjust the entrance pegs so it’s easy to close and open the zip. That is one way to avoid damage on it.

Try to loosen the ground tensioners. Perhaps they are too tight? If the zip is difficult to open, it can help to loosen the ground tensioners a bit.