A dog and a tent – some tips when tenting with a dog

There are some things to keep in mind when tenting with a dog. Here is a list of tips.

To keep your dog dry and warm during tenting, you have some choices to make. Of course, you can have your dog next to you in the tent without arranging anything special. But there are a few things to think twice about.

Depending on the weather, it can get dirty inside the tent and to avoid it you can use a divisible floor or a half floor alternatively a half inner tent and leave the dog on the ground, but still inside the tent. When using a floor, remember that the dog’s claws can damage it, fold it aside to avoid dirt and holes on the floor.

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You can use a porch and bring your dog there without letting it inside the main tent. The porch protects the entrance from rain as well.

If using a porch means your tent can be a smaller size than if your dog would be in the tent too.

Using a stove or fire box in the Nordic tipi with a dog makes it necessary for you with certain safety arrangements such as a compost net around the fire place.