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Sunne, central Sweden

Marketing Division Main image

In order to simplify logistics and improve service for our customers, in 2006 we moved our stock and marketing division to the town of Sunne in central Sweden. Sunne is well-known through its links with Selma Lagerlöf, the Swedish Nobel Prize winner in literature.

Because Sweden is such a long country and many of our buyers are very far away from our factory in Moskosel, this substantially reduces freight costs for our customers.

Bengt Grahn, Managing Director and product developer

Bengt Grahn.jpg

Bengt is the founder and owner of Tentipi and he holds the position of Managing Director. He is inquisitive by nature and even as a toddler, he wanted to understand how things work! He grew up on a farm surrounded by Lapland forest and he studied to become a joiner. His broad range of skills and knowledge has served him well in his work, for instance, when designing and developing products.

In his spare time, Bengt goes running — some 20 km a week — and in winter, he likes to go cross-country skiing on untouched snow. If he sees a hill, he just has to climb right up to the top! For true relaxation, he likes to watch Star Trek films.

Favourite book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (written by Stephen R. Covey). Philosophy of life: Make the best of what you’ve got.

Mattias Nyström, Salesman (Event range) and rentals manager


Mattias is our number one tent builder; he travels all over the country, putting up tents for different types of events. When he’s not out doing field work, Mattias works with selling and provides services for potential buyers of our Event Nordic tipis

If Mattias has any free time away from his family and four children, he loves to go out in the forest or take a ride on his motorbike.

Likes: football, motorbikes and hard rock. Philosophy of life: Live your life with a smile.

Kim Björklund, Warehouse manager and product assistant

Kim has a strong feeling for order, so as warehouse manager he makes sure everything is in the right place on the shelves, ready for transport out into the world. However, there's a lot of work behind each finished product on the shelf and Kim steps in here and there, lending a hand wherever needed on the way.

Kim is a real handy-man in his spare time too. At his home in the forest, he always has a number of projects on the go. His favourite hobbies are outdoor activities like fishing or mountain hiking. He claims the very best place to sleep is in a tent high up on the bare mountains.

Wants to learn: fly-fishing. Mode of transport in winter: long-distance skates.

Lena Grahn, Text editor and web administrator; Corporate Social Responsibility manager

Lena’s linguistic skills have made her the perfect person to deal with all tasks linked to language. She is responsible for all texts relating to the company’s marketing which means she does everything from writing texts to administrating translations. She was also the self-evident choice as Tentipi’s CSR manager since she is passionate about “green issues” and social justice.

One of Lena’s hobbies is gardening and she has an impressive vegetable patch in her garden at home. She is also quite adventurous and she can tell you a story or two about leeches and centipedes.

Favourite saying: “You yourself must be the change that you wish to see in the world”. Dream: to be able to physically take part in a help project.

Claudio Marullo, Sewer

Claudio is our new recruit in Sunne when it comes to sewing. With many years of experience as a sailmaker, Claudio has no problems handling the enormous pieces of cloth that our Event Nordic tipis are made of. With his Italian temperament and a lot of humour, Claudio is an interesting flavour to the company. The flavour of the fantastic food he sometimes surprises his colleagues with is also wonderful!

Claudio not only knows how to sew sails; he knows how to use them too. Sailing is one of his hobbies and in summer he loves to be out and about in his boat.

Favourite film: Big Fish.


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