How to repair your tent?

Sometimes you have to repair your tent. Some things you can manage yourself, others you need help to do. Here are some tips.



Spare parts such as stakes and pegs, central poles or just about anything else are available to buy individually as a replacement. Please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Service or your retailer if you can’t find what you need.

Repair minor holes or tears on lightweight fabrics using Seam grip+SIL silicone. Apply a small amount of silicone both from the outside and inside so that the hole or tear is covered. Seam grip+SIL also seals seams when the entire tent does not need to be re-impregnated, which is usually not necessary.

Read more about cleaning and impregnating tents


Patching small holes or minor rips in the cotton/polyester fabric using Fabric adhesive and a patch - without you even having to take down the Nordic tipi.

Repair an up to 200 mm damage (in any direction) using a patch. There are repair patches included in the tent’s packing bag when buying an Adventure Nordic tipi.

Cut a patch in the fabric matching the tent fabric. Round off the corners. Mark the size of the patch on the inside of the tent fabric. Take glue on the tent fabric and on the patch and spread it out all over the surface. Let the glue dry so that it is non-stick and then place the patch on the tent fabric and press it. Spread the glue in the joints so that the patch fits snugly against the tent fabric.

Just nu rabatt pa reparationer laga tentipi

Tentipi Approved Repairer

If a repair is needed that you can't handle, contact your retailer for details of a Tentipi Approved Repairer.


For repairs done at Tentipi in Sweden

Make use of our low season. If you notice that a repair is required after the season’s last usage, get in contact with us straight away. By doing so, you gain two things: firstly, you will have your tent back in good shape ready for the next time you need it and, secondly, the repair will be done cheaper. Repairs are charged per hour. There is also a fixed price list for converting older models and for certain standard jobs.

Repairs, sub-contract work October–February

Repairs done quicker during these months.

Repairs, sub-contract work March–September

Our high season. Therefore, longer delivery times. Remember to order repair work in good time.


Here you will find your serial number

In order for you to get the right price and for us to be sure that we have the right material for the right tent, we will ask for the serial number. Over the years, the location of the serial number has changed. On today's Nordic tipis, it is both on a label on the compression bag and on a label inside the tent, on the left side of the door seen from the inside, after the bottom edge. The same place inside the tent also applies to the older models Nibba and Vagge. On the back of the logo triangle at the door you will find the serial number of a ToppJakt, Arran and Varrie. On the older models, the serial number may be handwritten.