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Bushcraft Safir Review

In issue 43/2013 of the Bushcraft Magazine, you’ll find their review of our Safir 9 cp tent model.


Best in test

Tentipi, Safir 9 man


Sleeps 1O
Breathable cotton polyester fabric
Weight 13.6 kg
5.3 m diameter
3.1 m high
Pack size: 730 mmx305 mm
Storage: bag with compression straps for tighter packing


We reviewed the 7 man version in issue 8 some years ago now and I have had personal experience of the 5,7 and 9 man versions. Sweden is renowned for producing some great bushcraft kit and this is no exception, regarded by many as the flagship of all tipis.

The quality of the workmanship is unquestionable; it is of an exceptionally high standard with attention to detail being paid to everything from the guy line retention to the reinforcing on the door.

Venting is via three vent points around the bottom, a two way zip unzips a section of the base material to reveal a mesh panel. Marrying up on the outside there is a peg out flap that you can guy out with 3 guys to create a covered venting channel. The two way zip system allows you to open the vents as much or as little as required. The top venting system is a feat of design and engineering! lt is ingeniously controlled by a series of cords running through a concealed strip to the side which raise the ‘cap’ allowing you to adjust the amount and direction of ventilation with ease from inside the tipi. Built-in insect mesh toggles away if not needed. Unlike the ‘hood and cone’ systems mentioned above (in the full test report, tipis with such hoods are reviewed/editor’s remark) you can stay dry when adjusting the ventilation, there is no separate hood to worry about when erecting and no concern at all about getting a good wind and water tight seal!

The design of the door means that this can be used for further ventilation, it rolls back to provide a good sized opening and there is a smaller panel that can be unzipped with the insect mesh still keeping out any unwanted visitors. When closed you can secure it shut with steel rings and toggles for security. The flap over the door is such that it sits well covering the zip but if there was horizontal rain and the wind blowing at the right angle then very minimal penetration may be possible. That said, a group of us sheltered in one in Sweden in very bad weather and this was not a problem.

The alloy pole is elasticated, and, being the same diameter throughout makes for very easy pitching and good stability. The pegs are very good too, there are two lengths included in the bag and they are more than adequate in sand, stony soil or soft damp ground!

The tipi comes with some very comprehensive instructions; there is a little pot with them in, along with a Tentipi memory stick! It comes with a tape for pegging, the process is simple. Put a peg where you want the centre of the tipi to be, loop the pegging cord over it, extend it and place a peg in the ground, place another one opposite it, then two either side to form a cross, then using the tape to show the locations place a peg in between each of these points, hook the tipis pegging rings onto the pegs and walk the pole in. A few minutes and hey presto! The pegging points can then be tensioned. The skirt folds internally and has toggles at each corner of it to give a nice shaped fit, then the floor clips in over this. The floor has a zipped T- section so that you can have various configurations to allow for an access area, fires etc.

I have never actually needed the guys as the tent alone is very stable. The guying points (about 3ft and 5ft from the ground) with bright yellow guys already fitted are more than adequate for all but a full blown hurricane! When packing away, once you have bundled your cord tapes with bungees, sliding toggles secure them neatly out of the way.

There is also a purpose built exit point for a stove in the roof, which closes with velcro, and, not surprisingly in terms of attention to detail, the Eldfell stoves are designed to fit and are available in steel  and stainless steel. This tent will sleep 8 in comfort and 10 if needed, 6 in real comfort with a reasonable amount of gear.

Quality: 5/5
Features: 5/5
Value for Money: 5/5
Storm Proofing: 5/5
Ease of Set up: 5/5


‘The Safir really is the ULTIMATE tipi’


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