How to handle the pegs of a Nordic tipi in different situations?

Some tips for managing the pegs and stakes in a good way when putting up a Nordic tipi in different circumstances and environments. All Nordic tipis from Tentipi are equipped with a set of fitting pegs depending on the tent class and tent fabric, they differ a bit, but how to handle them is mostly the same.

Uneven ground

If the ground, where you want to put up your Nordic tipi, is uneven you have to start from the pegs that end up on level ground. Put them in the best way you can and try to adjust the others afterwards.

Or if it’s possible – change places.

Angle for ground placing

Always try to fix the pegs used for the ground tensioners, the storm cords and the air intakes at right angles to the length of the tent fabric. If that is impossible, it is better with a larger angle than a smaller one. Please, see picture

FAQ accessoires to handle pegs angle

The hook pegs used to secure the snow flap are best at right angle to the ground, thanks to the hook.

How to put the pegs into the ground

Use gloves to put the pegs into the ground if possible.

You can push the pegs down into the ground.

But never use a hammer with lightweight pegs– the pegs can bend if there are stones underground.

Push the tent pegs down with you hand, use glovesPush the tent pegs down with you feetDo not hammer down a lightweight pegFor our steel stakes you can use a hammer

Peg and Stake guide

Read more about pegs

If you are going to put up the Nordic tipi in snow or sand we have Sand and snow pegs as an accessory.