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The design of our Nordic tipis makes them secure in high winds. And ingenious ventilation lets you control the inside climate — even from your sleeping bag

Most people love fire but don’t want to be kissed by smoke. Some people are drawn to the quivering heat of a desert but most people are not too happy when the air in their tent is heated up by the sun during the early, sleepy hours of the morning. Their greatest wish at that moment is a cool draught.

No other tent handles smoke and heat as well as Tentipi Nordic tipis do with their ingenious ventilation system where airflow is regulated from inside the tent with the help of our patented In-Tent Vent™ system. The tents offer a place where people can get together, where a fire burns calmly without making your eyes sting, and where on hot summer mornings you simply adjust the ventilation without having to leave your sleeping bag.

The tall shape of a Nordic tipi creates a natural airflow which together with the ventilation features puts our ventilation system into a league of its own, especially regarding our cotton/polyester Nordic tipis.

The level of quality achieved through the choice of materials and design features means that our tents can withstand storms in a way that is quite unique for this size of tent.

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Design features and fabrics

Find out what makes our Adventure Nordic tipis so special.

Read our fire safety document

Learn how to use fire safely in our Nordic tipis.




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