How to use the ventilation system for the best clime in a Nordic tipi?

A cone with its peaking top is the best form to get natural ventilation. And good ventilation makes the tent life more comfortable in several ways. To sleep in a well ventilated tipi is the best. Having an open fire or a stove safely depends on the ventilation. Therefore to the good natural ventilation, Tentipi has built the In-Tent Vent system adjusted from the inside of the tent.

Here is a description of how to use the ventilation system in a Nordic tipi and how to best regulate it and what to think about to get the system's best function.

Air comes in through the air intakes at ground level in many of Tentipi’s tents. If there aren’t any air intakes, the mesh door let the air stream into the Nordic tipi.

The result is a natural convection for instance generated when rising hot smoke gases create suction in a stove.

Please, do not put luggage all the way near the tent wall to give the air free space for the natural convection.

Use the cords in the regulating tube. At the top of the tent there is a ventilator cap that can be regulated to close in the wind direction. That is one way to keep the heat in the tipi and to save on wood.

The ventilation system is easily handled from inside the Nordic tipi even from the sleeping bag.

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