How to avoid rain falling into the door opening of a Nordic tipi?

The easiest way is to close the door to prevent rain from falling into the tent. But in some cases, you want the door to be open. Then there are three other options.

You can use a porch and any rain running from the tip of the tent is diverted from the door opening. The porch also gives you space for shoes and other items besides dry entry into the Nordic tipi.

The second option is to use a canopy to give rain protection over the door. To give the Nordic tipi its natural withstand to stormy weather, the porch and the canopy are not permanent parts of the tent. They are easy to remove if the weather gets too windy.

The third way to deal with avoiding the rain falling into the doorway is to use a half inner tent. In this way, the half inner tent becomes the main tent and the rest of the Nordic tipi acts as an awning.