How to avoid damages on the central pole?

The central pole of a Nordic tipi is in fact central. In a single-pole Nordic tipi it is important to have a functioning central pole. To avoid damages on it – use it with care and learn some tips to handle damages if necessary. There are a few common damages on the central pole which can be avoided by using it correctly.

The elastic cord in the middle of the five-piece central pole holds the pole together. If the cord is broken you can still use the pole but have to hold it tightly when putting up the tent. The elastic cord can be replaced.

To avoid damages to the elastic cord, use the packing bag for the central pole when taking down and storing the Nordic tipi.

It is necessary to place the central pole right in the middle of the Nordic tipi. If it stands oblique, it is curved more by the tent fabric, especially when there is snow.

A curved central pole has to be replaced at once.

Take away snow from the tent walls immediately to protect the central pole.

You can use a narrow tree trunk to replace the central pole when on a hiking tour. Just ask the landowner of permission first.

The length of the central pole is slightly longer then the mark on the measuring tape.

Size 5: pole length 2250 mm, the mark on the measuring tape at 2050 mm.

Size 7: pole length 2720 mm, the mark on the measuring tape at 2300 mm. 

Size 9: pole length 3100 mm, the mark on the measuring tape at 2750 mm.  

Size 15: pole length 3600 mm, the mark on the measuring tape at 3000 mm.

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