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Tentipi® floors are available in two grades – Comfort and Pro. Either grade of floor can be used with any of our tent models except Olivin.


Floors 1 closed

Floor Pro: closed Floor Comfort: closed

Floors 2 Oopening

Floor Pro: O-opening Floor Comfort: O-opening

Floors 3 Vopening

Floor Pro: V-opening Floor Comfort: V-opening

Floors 4 Uopening wide

Floor Pro: U-opening  


Many people use their Nordic tipi without a floor. However, using our separate floor has many advantages. Condensation caused by ground dampness is eliminated because the floor covers the entire ground area of the tent. Protects you from ground dampness; dirt and snow can be more easily kept away. Better protection against ants, mosquitoes and other insects.


  • Need not be detached—Is automatically in the correct position when the Nordic tipi is put up because it need not be detached when packing the tent
  • Zip cover—Protects the zip from dirt
  • Stretches out nicely—A tensioning device makes it easy to get the floor nice and flat. It also improves the seal between the floor and the walls, helping to keep insects out


Half floor

  • Fitted with a zip cover which protects the zip from dirt
  • Lies flat and smartly stretched with the help of a tensioning device
  • Can be combined with a half inner tent, a half floor or a half fleece floor

Inner tent and floor data sheet

All the facts and figures on floors and inner tents.

Half inner tent and half floor data sheet

All the facts and figures on half floors and half inner tents.




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