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Our ecopolicy

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As a corporate enterprise, Tentipi does not only strive to provide first-class products. We want to do so in a way that promotes long-term sustainability and that shows consideration for our fellow beings, future generations and the planet we share.

In order to contribute to positive development, we have formulated an ecopolicy that is an important and self-evident part of our decision-making processes, and a tool we use when cooperating with our partners and suppliers.

Tentipi's ecopolicy is based on the understanding that we live on a planet with limited resources and that there is also a limit to how far nature can cope with the environmental strain and stress that human activities cause. We strive to spread this awareness within our company and we take action accordingly.

One important step is to reduce our consumption of energy and raw materials. One way of achieving this is to apply a long-term perspective to product development, e.g. by making constructions that increase a product's length of life and by finding materials that are highly durable.

Another important step is to use materials and methods of production that are as ecofriendly as possible. One example of this is that we have started looking for alternative materials that have less impact on the environment. The challenge for us is to make these materials fulfil our stringent requirements regarding the performance of our products.

A third and equally important step is to re-use or recycle all materials that can be reclaimed.

Our CSR work is a process where we are continually striving to operate in harmony with the environment. Green business is good business!



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