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The camp fire, togetherness, the Nordic tipis, outdoor activities… Come and join us!

A line of Nordic tipis stand in a meadow; some others stand sheltered by the trees at the edge of the forest. It has been a chilly night and wisps of smoke are rising from the Nordic tipis’ chimneys. Some people are eating breakfast around the campfire. Steam is rising from the big coffee pot on the fire, filling the crisp air with the fragrance of freshly boiled coffee. Down by the lakeside, preparations are underway for the morning’s canoe trip.

The design and activities included in each Tentipi Camp can vary but what they all have in common is the perpetually burning campfire where people gather to sit and talk, the warm, spontaneous interaction that arises and the homely Nordic tipis from Tentipi which can be rented if you do not already own one but want to try one out.

Do you have any questions about Tentipi Camp? Are you interested in organizing your own Tentipi Camp? Write to us at info@tentipi.com.


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