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safirflex tent

Multipurpose Safirflex is a highly versatile tent which is perfect when you want both a windproof shelter and the possibility of opening up the tent and having direct contact with nature.

This tent is suitable for wilderness camps or outdoor preschools. It is resistant to sunlight as regards strength and colour fastness, and has very good shape stability and water repellency.

All the parts needed to raise two sections are included in the purchase. If you want to be able to raise all the walls, you have to supplement with the necessary components.

Three large air intakes, each with a fitted mosquito net, are a standard feature. When all walls are raised, the 50 square metre covered area offers protection against the sun or rain. With some of the walls raised, you get shelter from the wind but you still feel close to nature and you can see what is going on outside the tent. In strong winds and snow, all walls are lowered and then the tent can withstand just about anything.

Double ventilator cap fitted with net, door with net, mosquito net ceiling, central pole, storm cords, storm cord holders, measuring cord, two inside pockets, compression bag and advanced tent pegs/stakes plus three telescope poles, straps, cords and stakes needed to raise two (2) sections.


All the parts needed to raise 2 sections are included. The table below states what is needed to open up 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 sections:

Art. no. Product name 2 3 4 5 6 8
21100 Telescopic pole 200 3 1 2 3 4 5
46031 Flex-strap 19/3 10 3 6 9 12 14
25115 TT Steel stake 23 Pro 20 0 1 2 3 4
25127 TT Y-peg 18 Pro 18          
25130 TT Hook peg 18 Pro 18          


  • Triangular expansion panels that enable the walls of the tent to be raised
  • Zips that hide the triangular expansion panels when they are not being used
  • Adjustable aluminium poles that keep the raised walls up
  • The possibility of creating a 50 square metre covered area


Can also be used as an ordinary Safir 15 cp with the following features:

  • Exceptional comfort and homeliness
  • Erected in 5 minutes
  • Standing headroom
  • Superb materials
  • Outstanding ventilation and comfort
  • Top rating for storm-resistance (when all walls are down)
  • Use with open fire or stove
  • Use on its own or with a floor
  • Door: double zips and integrated mosquito net
  • Ground tensioners: strong straps fitted with metal buckles and metal stake rings; attached to tent panels via broad fabric webs to reduce stress points; adaptable for use on snow
  • Ready for use with a floor via adjustable floor tensioners
  • Hanging loop for drying
  • Ventilator cap: patented, advanced In-Tent Vent™ system; double piece with six opening points, controllable from inside the tent; integrated chimney opening; mosquito net in upper part; tighter seal thanks to fibreglass rods
  • Large smoke/ventilation opening at the top
  • Mosquito net ceiling: allows good ventilation while protecting against mosquitos
  • Storm cords: with reflecting threads woven into the cords; pre-tied and fitted with holders
  • Advanced compression bag for tighter packing
  • Enhanced floor fitting with toggle and ring arrangement
  • Reinforced edging for better wear resistance around bottom edge of tent
  • Many fastenings for attaching accessories
  • Fabrics of the very best quality. The cotton/polyester fabric has very high resistance against decolouring and a very long life
  • Three large, rain-protected, mosquito-netted air intakes at bottom edge of tent for optimal ventilation on hot days and the best possible smoke control
  • Extra advanced central pole

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