How to use the double ventilator cap on a Nordic tipi?

When there is a double ventilator cap on the Nordic tipi here are some tips how to use it. Why is there a double ventilator cap? To get the very best ventilation and heating inside the Nordic tipi the double ventilator cap is a good help. You get out the smoke and gases while the warm air stays inside when using the caps.

When making a fire in the Nordic tipi, always open the ventilator cap on the leeward side so that the smoke is sucked out of the tent.  (Make sure enough air is coming in and that it is taken from the side of the tent facing the wind.) To keep maximum heat in the tent, open the ventilator cap as little as possible.

When using an open fire in the tipi, the top ventilator cap (the smaller upper cap) must be closed. As the fire dies down, the ventilator cap may be closed and the top ventilator cap opened. This will let out the smoke while keeping insects out.

The top ventilator cap is available on Safir and Zirkon.

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