Canopy range

Canopy range

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Tentipi’s Nordic tipis are designed to be as flexible as possible. It is also well-known that they withstand stormy weather which destroys other tents. That would not be the case if the canopy was a permanent part of the Nordic tipi.

As of 2012, all Safir and Zirkon Nordic tipis of sizes 5–9 have a patented accessory sleeve (a holder for accessories, placed over the door). There is an Accessory connector available for earlier models and for Onyx.

The canopy is attached to this sleeve and thereby becomes part of the Nordic tipi and gives rain protection over the door. At the same time, it is easy to remove if it gets too windy.

We have also designed our canopies so they can be used separately as well in different ways.

Canopies 5/7 cp and 5/7 light are delivered with six tent pegs and one telescopic pole. The canopy size 7/9 cp is delivered with eight pegs and three telescopic poles.

  • The versatility of the Tentipi Nordic tipi is further enhanced with functions that also suit more stationary campers
  • Any rain water running from the tip of the tipi is diverted from the door opening
  • The canopy can easily be removed without taking down the tent, e.g. if there is a risk of snow or bad weather
  • It is securely and neatly attached to the accessory sleeve (PCT patent) which is a standard feature on our tent models Zirkon and Safir from 2012 on
  • The canopy can be put up as a wind-break
  • The canopy can be put up as a freestanding shelter

Accessory connector
The accessory connector is necessary for tent models without an accessory sleeve (the Onyx model and models manufactured before 2012) and makes it possible to attach the canopy.

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Accessory connector light  Accessory connector cp  Accessory connector light
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