How to make a safe fire in a Nordic tipi using a Stove Eldfell?

Here are some tips to heat the Nordic tipi with Stove Eldfell and how to make a safe fire in a Nordic tipi in the stove. You have to think about for example ventilation, wood and tinder to get a nice, warming and safe fire. And always remember that good ventilation is the most important when making a fire. Read more about ventilation here

There are a few practical things to think about before you make the fire in the stove. Please read more about it in “How do you make a safe fire in the Nordic tipi?”

Set the stove and the chimney sections according to the manual. Please notice the insulation pipe which protects the fabric.

To protect the fabric from burning be sure that the mosquito net is rolled away. Ensure that the regulating tube, with its regulating cords to adjust the ventilation, is connected to the tent wall.

Use dry wood, as it burns easier and puts out less smoke. Begin with tinder in the form of small wooden sticks, dry twigs, dry grass or newspapers wrapped together.

Carefully place on slightly larger firewood, still thin that burns easily.

Add new firewood gradually. Let them burn to glow before adding the next one.

The air supply can be controlled through the damper. The heat will then stay longer in the Nordic tipi.

Never fire the stove so that it turns red as it may deform the stove body. The joints in the stove are riveted so that you can repair it yourself if the stove body would still be damaged.

Never leave the fire unattended.