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Spring 2019


Multipurpose Safirflex is a highly versatile tent which is perfect when you want both a windproof shelter and the possibility of opening up the tent and having direct contact with nature.

Central pole hook
Our central pole hook can be used to hang up a paraffin lamp on the central pole.

40049 central pole hook

Central pole light disc
Our central pole light disc is easily mounted around the central pole.

central pole light disc

Accessory connector

The Accessory connector is now available from size 5 to 15 in cotton/polyester.

The Comfort light is now available from size 2 to 9.

Accessory connector Base light is still available in size 7 and 9.

You need an accessory connector to use a porch, a canopy or rain roof if your tipi doesn’t already have the accessory pocket.

Read more about 2 Comfort light for Olivin here

Read more about accessory connectors here

accessory connector

Sleeping bag
Our sleeping bag is suitable for adventurous family camping, hiking, canoeing and other outdoor activities.
43248 Sleeping bag 400x400
We have developed our own mattress and can therefore offer far better sleeping comfort than is normally associated with sleeping in a tent.



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New Products