When large parts of the world are in quarantine and many countries have imposed restrictions on travel and crossing borders because of the Corona virus, our colleague, Lena Grahn has reflected on whether anything positive can come out of this crisis.

With the climate issue and now Corona on everyone’s lips, the old Swedish proverb “Away is good but home is best” seems to be a sensible guideline when planning this year’s holidays.

For many years, we have become accustomed to a shrinking world. We have been able to buy food from all over the world in the grocery store around the corner. We have got used to instant contact with people on the other side of the globe. When planning our holidays, Thailand's sandy beaches, shopping in London or a hike on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu have been just a flight away.

Perhaps we have forgotten that grandeur can also be found in little things. Have we become blind and no longer see the beauty of our local environment? When we communicate with each other, are we too busy to really look each other in the eye?


A crisis, such as the climate crisis or the Corona crisis, also presents opportunities. This may be the year when we rediscover forgotten hideaways or, for that matter, find new gems in our local surroundings and maybe also new ways of being together. When public gatherings imply a risk of becoming infected, a STAYCATION in nature can be something that gives double peace in mind.

Instead of rushing around, looking at as many sights as possible, we can allow ourselves to sit and enjoy the breeze of the trees, the waves hitting the beach and the buzzing wings of a dragonfly as it flies around in search of food. Instead of queueing for rides in some amusement park or eating dinner in a noisy restaurant, we can explore the great outdoors and after a day of discoveries in nature, we can sit and eat with our children around a campfire, look them in the eye and talk about important things. Camping with the kids can give them an experience of a lifetime.

So despite these tough times, perhaps 2020 can be the year when we reconnect to the simple things in life. This can be the year when we have the chance to get to know our loved ones in a new and more profound way. Let’s take advantage of that possibility!

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