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Our production plant in northern Sweden

This is where we carefully preserve the soul of our products; where most of the product and production know-how is to be found.

Moskosel, northern Sweden

Moskosel, northern Sweden

Our traditional and larger Nordic tipis are still manufactured in our production plant in Moskosel. Several of our seamstresses have been employed for many years which has made them highly skilful. This is an advantage not only as regards the production of Nordic tipis; it is also of benefit to product development.

Since we are handling enormous pieces of cloth, large work surfaces are needed. Even the floor is used as a worktop for one sewing station. The machines used in the production process are all strong industrial sewing machines. Such a machine can cost some twenty thousand Euros.

Lena Bjelfman, Manager of finance, production and logistics

Lena Bjelfman

Apart from the company’s owner, Lena is the person who has worked the longest for Tentipi and she knows the company inside out. She has now taken on responsibility for some of the business’s most important areas.

In her spare time, Lena likes to exercise; one of her activities is to be a BodyPump instructor. She is particularly fond of being outdoors with her two beloved Siberian huskies, Kokkos and Kirri. Lena also has an adventurous streak to her nature and likes to go mountain hiking and diving.

Philosophy of life: Live your life now! Passionate about: animals and nature.

Patrik J. Rönnbo, Retails manager and marketing assistant

Patrik is our key man as regards marketing and sales. He is also a well-travelled person since he is the one who travels around Europe and visits and trains our retailers about our products. Don’t think his tidy desk is a sign that he has too little to do; it’s simply a reflection of his orderly nature!

Patrik’s number one tool is admittedly his computer but he also likes to use his hammer and saw and do renovation and building work on houses and cottages. In his spare time, his favourite place is to be out and about in his own forest, on his snowmobile or relaxing in front of an open fire.

Favourite places: the tiny Lapland village of Lauker and the very special Swedish island of Gotland where he spends ALL his holidays. Philosophy of life: Have a good time!

Helena Brännström, Financial assistant

Konrad Persson, Product and quality control manager; product developer

If you ask Konrad what articles are included in a Stratus 72 Nordic tipi, he would be able to list them in his sleep! When presented with new ideas about tent design, in no time at all he will come up with a concrete proposal. When it’s time to start manufacturing new products, he’s the person who goes to our factory in China and trains the staff there.

In his spare time, Konrad likes to be in his holiday cottage, located on his own little island, where he always has some new building project on the go. He keeps his fingers nimble by practising on his electric guitar and if he’s in the mood, he will tell you about the time when he showed off his guitar playing in a bar in China.

Favourite music: hard rock. Non-favourite food: cockscombs and silkworms.

Ove Persson, Goods management

Ove has worked for the company for many years and reached retirement age a number of years ago. But he still loves to work so he spends a couple of mornings a week packing Nordic tipis and helping with other goods management tasks.

When not working, he can sometimes be seen being taken out for a walk by the family’s huge Alaskan Malamute dogs. Ove also gets exercise when he goes out to play golf during that brief period of time when the snow is temporarily gone from this Arctic region.

Characteristic: sports freak. Favourite activity: chopping wood (judging by the size of his woodpile).

Doris Holmström, Seamstress

Having worked for us for many years, Doris is now a highly skilled seamstress and an expert on our products. The impeccably sewn products she makes are evidence of her precision and proficiency.

Doris should also be very proficient when it comes to solving murder mysteries, considering the huge number of mystery books she has read in her life. Doris keeps fit by going for walks, often together with her sisters. In the summer, she loves to spend time in her holiday cottage by the Malmesjaur lake.

Favourite author: Elizabeth George. Likes to: cook food (sometimes!).

Siv Lundström, Seamstress

Siv is another of our “old faithfuls” in our production department. She likes to listen to historical novels as her skilled hands transform mounds of cloth into tents. One of her favourite tasks is to patch and repair damaged Nordic tipis and there is no mistaking her enthusiasm as she sits on the floor, spreading glue onto the repair patches.

A tube of glue is a vital object in her spare time too since Siv loves to do scrapbooking, producing interesting works for her family. She adores sunshine and thinks nothing beats sitting on the frozen lake by her holiday cottage in the late winter, doing ice fishing while her cheeks get tanned by the sun.

Likes: home furnishings. Once-in-a-lifetime dream: to participate in an archaeological excavation.

Mari Åberg, Seamstress

Mari is the person we have been able to turn to when we have needed extra help over the years. She is deftness personified and when she sews, the mound of cloth by her machine grows very fast.

Mari lives surrounded by forest. Her closest neighbour is the seventh largest pine tree in the county of Norrbotten! Her rifle and fishing rod are always close at hand and her freezer usually well-filled with hunting trophies and catches of fish.

Main interest: outdoor activities. Philosophy of life: Make the most of today because you never know what tomorrow will be like.

Karin Lindgren, Seamstress

In addition to sewing tents, Karin is in charge of our laying-up machine and cutting machine; she cuts pieces of cloth with (almost) the same steady hand as that of a surgeon.

It is not only these machines that are run by her skilful hands. When the light and the warmth of the sun returns in the spring, she gets her jig rod, tin of maggots and packed lunch together and then drives her snowmobile out onto the ice to do some fishing. She often takes her big brood of children with her. With her industrious fingers, Karin has contributed a number of woolen little brownies to the Arctic region’s brownie tribe.

Characteristics: outgoing and full of life. Dream job: midwife.

Therese Carlsson, Seamstress

Therese is our specialist when it comes to sewing doors for our giant Nordic tipis. She rotates and turns the cloth for the doors very speedily, reversing and using little tricks to make every little detail perfect.

She is the new settler among us with a house she and her husband have built themselves by a lake out in the wilds. Therese lives there with her husband, six children and lots of different animals so country living is probably not all peace and quiet for her. If she has a moment to spare, she likes to make use of her artistic talents.

Favourite occupation: to be out in the countryside with her family. Philosophy of life: Make the most of the present.

Marketing division in central Sweden

Here we keep our stock and a small, dedicated customer service team. It also houses a new production plant for our larger Nordic tipis.

Sunne, central Sweden

Sunne, central Sweden

In order to simplify logistics and improve service for our customers, in 2006 we moved our stock and marketing division to the town of Sunne in central Sweden. Sunne is well-known through its links with Selma Lagerlöf, the Swedish Nobel Prize winner in literature.

Because Sweden is such a long country and many of our buyers are very far away from our factory in Moskosel, this substantially reduces freight costs for our customers.

Bengt Grahn, Managing Director and product developer

Bengt is the founder and owner of Tentipi and he holds the position of Managing Director. He is inquisitive by nature and even as a toddler, he wanted to understand how things work! He grew up on a farm surrounded by Lapland forest and he studied to become a joiner. His broad range of skills and knowledge has served him well in his work, for instance, when designing and developing products.

In his spare time, Bengt goes running — some 20 km a week — and in winter, he likes to go cross-country skiing on untouched snow. If he sees a hill, he just has to climb right up to the top! For true relaxation, he likes to watch Star Trek films.

Favourite book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (written by Stephen R. Covey). Philosophy of life: Make the best of what you’ve got.

Richard Persson, Local manager in Sunne and product developer

Richard is the person in charge of the marketing office in central Sweden. As product developer, he thinks up many ingenious features and he’s becoming quite an expert at the design software Rhino. Richard is a passionate photographer which is why one of his tasks is to take pictures of our products, something we always need more of.

Photography takes up a big part of his life outside work too and nature is one of his sources of inspiration. His favourite form of transport is motorbike!

Favourite saying: “Well, someone has to be me!” Favourite destination: Thailand.

Madelene Ljung, Customer service

Most of the customers who phone into Tentipi are greeted by Madelene’s happy voice. With knowledge and commitment, she answers questions and provides our tent purchasers with all the help they need.

While at work, her job sometimes involves removing obstacles but in her spare time, the exact opposite applies. Madelene competes in horse-jumping and we all know that knocking over an obstacle there gives minus points. Another of Madelene’s favourite hobbies is writing.

Philosophy of life: Nothing is impossible. Addicted to: Coca Cola (the recycling box bears the evidence!).

Mattias Nyström, Salesman (Event range) and rentals manager

Mattias is our number one tent builder; he travels all over the country, putting up tents for different types of events. When he’s not out doing field work, Mattias works with selling and provides services for potential buyers of our Event Nordic tipis

If Mattias has any free time away from his family and four children, he loves to go out in the forest or take a ride on his motorbike.

Likes: football, motorbikes and hard rock. Philosophy of life: Live your life with a smile.

Kim Björklund, Warehouse manager and product assistant

Kim has a strong feeling for order, so as warehouse manager he makes sure everything is in the right place on the shelves, ready for transport out into the world. However, there's a lot of work behind each finished product on the shelf and Kim steps in here and there, lending a hand wherever needed on the way.

Kim is a real handy-man in his spare time too. At his home in the forest, he always has a number of projects on the go. His favourite hobbies are outdoor activities like fishing or mountain hiking. He claims the very best place to sleep is in a tent high up on the bare mountains.

Wants to learn: fly-fishing. Mode of transport in winter: long-distance skates.

Lena Grahn, Text editor and web administrator; Corporate Social Responsibility manager

Lena’s linguistic skills have made her the perfect person to deal with all tasks linked to language. She is responsible for all texts relating to the company’s marketing which means she does everything from writing texts to administrating translations. She was also the self-evident choice as Tentipi’s CSR manager since she is passionate about “green issues” and social justice.

One of Lena’s hobbies is gardening and she has an impressive vegetable patch in her garden at home. She is also quite adventurous and she can tell you a story or two about leeches and centipedes.

Favourite saying: “You yourself must be the change that you wish to see in the world”. Dream: to be able to physically take part in a help project.

Claudio Marullo, Sewer

Claudio is our new recruit in Sunne when it comes to sewing. With many years of experience as a sailmaker, Claudio has no problems handling the enormous pieces of cloth that our Event Nordic tipis are made of. With his Italian temperament and a lot of humour, Claudio is an interesting flavour to the company. The flavour of the fantastic food he sometimes surprises his colleagues with is also wonderful!

Claudio not only knows how to sew sails; he knows how to use them too. Sailing is one of his hobbies and in summer he loves to be out and about in his boat.

Favourite film: Big Fish.

Our extended family

Our Nordic tipis are sold around the world through a network of committed, entrepreneurial agents, distributors and retailers.

Our extended family

Our extended family

We wouldn't be where we are today without our wonderful agents, distributors and retailers. Their local knowledge and entrepreneurial ideas have taken us in directions we never imagined.

Qingdao, China

Our wholly owned Adventure tipi production plant in China, giving us quality control we could only dream of in Europe.

Qingdao, China

Qingdao, China

Factory in China? Must mean cheap, low quality goods, right?

Not at all. We are immensely proud of our factory in the town of Qingdao in China. We've been manufacuring our Adventure tipi range here now for several years.

We own the factory and employ our own staff which means we are able to instil Tentipi's corporate values and approach to quality. We are able to provide unusually good working conditions.

We can deliver better quality than we could in Sweden because we can afford more far-reaching control of our materials. We can afford more far-reaching control of our finishsed products too (one in every six Adventure tipis is erected and subjected to an intensive rain test, for example).

We can use more sophisticated materials and technical solutions since we can intensify our development work and cooperate with high-tech, Asian fabric and material manufacturers.

By establishing ourselves in China, we have prepared for and built our future. It has enabled us to achieve things that we could only have dreamt about here at home. In our Chinese factory, we conduct a very high standard of quality control with specialized testing equipment. Among other things, we have built up a rain test room, which we believe is the only one of its kind, where we shower the tents for a long period of time. This rain test is a very important full-scale test which detects faults which would not be found if we only tested the materials. Setting up a company in China has also enabled us to build up extensive collaboration with authorized testing institutes which would have been impossible in Europe because of high costs. We are also able to work together with manufacturers of high-tech, Asian fabrics and materials. This helps us to continue our efforts to be at the front edge when it comes to the quality of materials in each respective price category on the tent market.

As well as wanting to provide people with tents of world-leading class and with unique features, we are also strongly inspired by a desire to do good where we work. This has had concrete effects in many different ways in our work in China. Moreover, we support SOS Children’s Villages in China by helping to give children in the town of Nanchang a happy and secure childhood.

In brief, we are working in Asia in order to improve quality rather than to reduce prices.

Read more about our factory in China here.


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