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40049 central pole hook


Central pole hook

Our central pole hook can be used to hang up a paraffin lamp on the central pole. Of course, it can be used to hang up other items too, as long as they are not too heavy. The hook is 30 centimetres long and fits the central poles of tent sizes 2, 5, 7 and 9.

  • Easily mounted onto the central pole
  • Held firmly in place
  • Suitable for hanging low-weight equipment

Suitable for tent sizes 2, 5, 7 and 9
Length: 30 cm
Weight: 125 g

40049 Central pole hook

40031 central pole light disc

Central pole light disc

Our central pole light disc is easily mounted around the central pole. It is held firmly in place by spring-loaded, rubberized grips. The light disc fits the central poles of tent sizes 5, 7 and 9. The 28 LEDs are powered by four ordinary AA batteries.

  • Provides evenly distributed light in the Nordic tipi
  • Easily mounted and adjusted
  • Energy-efficient thanks to LED technology

Suitable for tent sizes 5, 7, 9
Diameter: 16 cm
Weight without batteries: 160 g

40031 Central pole light disc

43049 Rucksack frame

Rucksack frame

Our rucksack frame has been developed primarily for Zirkonflex/Safirflex but also fits Zirkon 15 and Safir 15. It is also perfect for any heavy loads, such as logs.

The frame is made out of aluminium. It has an adjustable load-bearing system which distributes the weight. The padded hip belt gives good support and reduces strain together with comfortable, padded shoulder straps.
Because the rucksack frame can be adjusted in so many ways, it can be adapted to any build of body. It has many clever features such as the quick-lock buckles, the top straps, the chest strap and the ventilating back mesh panel.

  • Makes it easier to carry the larger Nordic tipis
  • Makes it easy to attach additional items/pack bags
  • Creates a ventilating air space between the back and the load
  • Also useful for fetching wood

Material: aluminium.
Width: 40 cm.
Height: 79 cm.
Weight: 2.4 kg.



40101 Swedish FireSteel packing

Swedish FireSteel BIO, army model

40101 Firesteel

Very robust, long-life, Swedish-made steel which gives maximum ignition reliability in all climates. Originally developed for the Swedish Armed Forces.


  • Sparks easily ignite spirit stoves, gas stoves, paper, birch bark, dry grass, etc
  • Works equally well when wet
  • Durable – 12,000 strikes
  • Bright spark, almost 3000ºC – can also be used as a distress signal
  • Striker handle includes an emergency whistle
  • No dangerous goods shipping restrictions.

Gränsfors axes

Robust Swedish high-quality handmade axes with a 20 year guarantee. Complete with leather edge shield.ThreeAxes

Wood splitting axe

Built for serious wood splitting. The axe head is ridged, heavy and has a long handle.

Hunter's axe

Rounded back for flaying and a grooved grip.

Wilderness axe

Scout/camping axe, small hunter’s axe. The shape of the edge shield stops wear and tear in the backpack.

43248 Sleeping bag 400x400
Sleeping bag

Our sleeping bag is suitable for adventurous family camping, hiking, canoeing and other outdoor activities. It can be used in temperatures down to zero.
Measurements 200x80 cm, packed size 33x26 cm. Filling weight 350 g/m², filling material 100 % polyester.

Length: 200 cm
Width: 80 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg

43248 Sleeping bag


43247 mattress


We have developed our own mattress and can therefore offer far better sleeping comfort than is normally associated with sleeping in a tent.
The mattress consists of three parts: a full cloth cover, a soft sleeping mat and a spring mattress. The cover is made of durable fabric.
The mattress is provided with a zip that runs along three of its sides for easy assembly. It is a solid and really comfortable mattress, which is not made to roll up and carry on your backpack. It has a practical carrying handle on one of its long sides.mattress 3 parts

Length: 188 cm
Width: 70 cm
Height: 10 cm
Weight: 6.8 kg

43247 Mattress


Reindeer hide deluxe

Tanned reindeer hide with silicone coating on back to withstand wet. Odourless!


Paraffin lamp

40045 paraffin lamp

Very durable and stable lamp which shines brightly with no flickering flame. Does not give off soot. Made of heat-resistant glass: extremely wind-safe, does not leak and has no sharp edges.

Tank capacity: 3.4 dl.
Burning time: 20 hours.
Wick: 130x5 mm.
Brightness: 3.5 cd.

Lamp holder40046 lamp holder

The lamp holder is used to hang up the lamp on a pole.


Coffee pots

Available in 7 litre size.

Coffee pot 7 litres


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