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Our way of testing materials

Stratus story

Two of the most important factors for consistently good quality are choosing the right materials and then testing the materials that come to the factory before they are used in manufacture. We have often found that the established testing methods have nothing to do with reality. Basically, they are only easy to do which is why they are popular with the manufacturers. We too use these simple methods but only as a small part of our total assessment. Deciding the most suitable combination of methods depends on many factors, for instance, what type of stress the material is going to be exposed to, how adjacent features have been designed, the material itself and so on.

Often, Tentipi has been forced to design its own – sometimes rather complicated – methods for assessing whether a material is up to scratch. It is these special testing methods – and perhaps especially the passion behind the design of the tests – that lie behind our recognized high quality. When we evaluate fabrics, we have 40 different parameters from which we choose the most relevant, depending on what type of fabric is being tested. For our materials as a whole, we have almost a hundred different parameters. More than 10 per cent of all our working hours are devoted to preventive quality control and to checking that our products are up to standard. We know that there are no shortcuts to maintaining the position we have achieved.

We are not interested in presenting simple test results that do not give the whole true picture; moreover it would be counterproductive. It would lead people’s attention away from what creates the optimal product – our overall commitment and expertise. Unfortunately, we cannot talk openly about everything we do because we need to keep some secrets; our know-how has cost us so much time and money to acquire during our years as Nordic tipi manufacturers.

So the reader will find that, generally speaking, Tentipi does not present so many test results for materials; instead we state our philosophy and driving forces. Without our recognised good reputation, these would only be empty phrases but all our years as world-leading manufacturers of Nordic Tipis have given us a hard won position as an authority within this field.

We have about forty different tests for testing fabrics. We select and do more than twenty of them when we test and evaluate whether a specific fabric can be used for one of our tent models. We also do routine tests on our existing fabrics. We have designed several tests ourselves since there were no established methods in use.

We test other materials in a similar way, using methods that have been adapted to the material in question. About 20 per cent of our staff resources go to development and routine testing.


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