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Case studies

case-studies-composite.jpgAll sorts of imaginative businesses and forward-thinking organisations around the world rely on the qualities of Tentipi Event tipis to make money, to have fun, to inspire... or to do all three.

We are constantly delighted by the new and innovative ways our customers find to use our tipis. 

You can read about a few of them here, and follow us on our social media sites for other inspiring stories. 


Activity companies


Adventure Service is an adventure and events company based in scenic Högbobruk, Sweden. In collaboration with their suppliers, they offer tailor-made adventure and events packages for both small and large groups of people.aventyrs-service-pic.jpg

For those who like a challenge and excitement, activities include climbing, laser clay pigeon shooting, fishing, canoeing and other team building events. After a busy day of activities, Adventure Service also offers a range of night activities including Nintendo Wii competitions, quizzes and outdoor hot tub sessions – even in winter!

As well as being responsible for sale and rental of Tentipi tipis in Sweden, Adventure Service use the Stratus 72, Cirrus 40, Nimbus 16 and Adventure tipis as the basis of many of their events and activities. Adventure Service loves a challenge and can help with the planning and execution of events ranging from various forms of accommodation and conference options to stunning dinners. They also host wedding banquets and parties. They can provide some inspiration for their clients as a starting point, which can then be customised so that a truly memorable experience can be created. All through the year, from the warmest summer to the snowiest winter, the tents are adapted to the needs of individual clients to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

During their time in Högbobruk they have really managed to establish themselves as an obvious choice for major events in the region. Such has been their success that they are constantly developing new ideas for activities to offer and in a bid to keep up with their business growth they will continue to make investments in new tents and décor options.


Brandon Konferens and adventure camp was founded in the early days of 2000 by its current owners Öran Widén and Johan Bjorklund.

brandokonferens-pic.jpgLocated on the shores of the gulf of Bothnea at Lulea, Brandon Konferens is an adventure and activity centre in the very heart of Sami country. It offers year round activities, both on and off the water, with a strong emphasis on team building and group activities.

Brandon use Tentipi Event tipis in a number of different ways, the most spectacular of which is their ‘Dinner On Ice’ event. Guests walk out over the frozen sea along a torch lit avenue before arriving at the tipis. They then enjoy an evening of fine food and wine, whilst listening to the evocative sound of traditional Sámi, juoiggos song. Johan Bjorklund explains that, "Our Tentipi Stratus 72s make a spectacular sight when pitched on the frozen ocean. We love the fact that the tipis have such a strong cultural connection to the Sami people. These modern day equivalents are strong, practical and very easy to work with. They are beautiful structures and live long in the memory of our guests." For this event Brandon have their own website

In northern Sweden, not far from the Arctic Circle, lies Luleå, the home of Ebbenjarka.

Ebbenjarka specialises in exotic, wild and exclusive adventures, mostly in winter, for individuals, families and companies. They offer a large number of adventure activities, including dog sledding, snowmobiling, and ice driving in the winter, with canoeing and trekking in the summer.

The proximity to open wilderness and extreme environments lends itself perfectly to teambuilding and leadership training, making Ebbenjarka an ideal place for companies to bring their staff. They collaborate with other activity and experience companies in the area to customise and design events to suit the particular needs of companies and individuals.

ebbenjarka-pic.jpgEbbenjarka uses a Tentipi Stratus 72 for one of their central gathering venues. It provides the perfect space for people to gather in the warm, around the open fire.

Anders Englund of Ebbenjarka, comments; "Our Stratus 72 is very much part of Ebbenjarka. It is a very practical space for us and is very popular with our clients, particularly for product launches and seminars".


bushcraft-pic.jpgThe Bushcraft Company (TBC) delivers outdoor education programmes to schools across the UK, for students aged 7-18. With residential courses that focus on team building and leadership through the medium of Bushcraft and expedition skills, as well as courses specializing in wilderness first aid
and wilderness cookery, they offer learning outside the classroom which challenges, educates and inspires students. Drawing upon traditional values, ancient skills and latest thinking on learning outside the classroom, they have created a truly unique platform for outdoor education.

TBC has three stunning centres, all of which manage to embody the sense of adventure that is so intrinsic to what they do. All of their residential courses are held in woodland safari-style camps that give the students a real understanding of what it means to live in the wild.

A landmark feature of these centres is the presence of a Tentipi Stratus 72 or Tentipi Cirrus 40 Nordic tipi – creating a real wow factor when the students see them for the first time. They provide perfect classroom environments and convivial communal spaces to get the groups together.

Alex McBarnet, founder of The Bushcraft Company, comments "We create a sense of adventure for our students in our woodland camps, and the Nordic tipis fit with that perfectly. The reaction to their presence by the students is great to see and, on a practical level, they allow us to carry on our education programmes even in the worst of weather conditions. These stunning tents provide the perfect learning outside of the classroom opportunity and create a huge sense of theatre when groups, adults or children, walk into one of our tented villages. There are many other tents on the market but we stick with Nordic tipis because they are both extremely functional and, aesthetically speaking, unrivalled."



Camp Hverringe is situated on the Bogebjerg Strand in Denmark. The combination of the soft hills on the island of Fynen, the magnificent view to the island of Romsoe and the child friendly beaches, make Camp Hverringe a beautiful and unique place to stay.

Camp Hverringe has from ADAC (the German FDM) been assigned the title SUPERPLATZ, of which they are very proud. It is the highest possible recognition for a campsite in Europe, with only eight of them in total across the Nordic countries. The Superplatz award is similar to that of Michelin stars used in the restaurant industry. It is a very hard to win and is only offered to the very best.


Camp Hverringe has a Tentipi Stratus 72 on their site, which they use for all sorts of activities including family gatherings, school camps and team building events. It is able to accommodate as many as 130 people at a time.

Camp Manager, Torben Frydenlund Rasmussen, says that; "Purchasing our Stratus 72 has not only given us a beautiful addition to our camp site, it has proved to be a sound investment. The reason being, that we are able to use it for such a wide variety of activities in all seasons and all weather conditions. The tipi can be rented for both guests staying at Camp Hverringe and guests on day visits to the strand. When the weather is lovely we set up the barbecue, tables and benches outside and when it’s not so good we simply move everything, including the barbecue, inside the tipi. Not many canvas structures afford this flexibility, but our Stratus 72 does".


fforest is not a campsite. fforest is the result of a dream. The dream of trying to remember what ‘simple’ can look, feel and taste like.

This dream combines the life-enhancing feeling of living outdoors with the simplest of things all wrapped up in the luxury of a magical setting, great local food, all underpinned in an understated design ethos that finds its way into everything they do.

fforest-pic.jpgPart of their dream is the community of fforest; a place where old friendships flourish and new friendships are made; a place where families find time, where the kids roam free.
A place where their team of upbeat people
are there to make it all easy from dawn to dusk.

Nope, this is not a campsite. This is an antidote to a busy modern world. Welcome to the luxury of simple.

fforest provides a unique venue environment for celebrations and corporate events. They are licensed for weddings, giving exclusive residential access for the entire weekend. They also host corporate events from team building to AGMs and are now entering their 4th year of playing host to the inspirational DO Lectures with its amazing list of international speakers.

James Lynch, founder of fforest, explains "Our Stratus 72 fits perfectly with the ethos and surroundings of fforest - an inspirational structure in an inspirational location. It has enabled us to develop our business by holding weddings, celebrations, team building days and corporate events. The natural materials and elemental form of the Stratus create a unique character unlike any other demountable structure, equally enhancing the intimacy of weddings and the focus of corporate events."


yurtcamp-pic.jpgIn 2006 David and Zoë Ager, together with their children Ellie, Pippa and Victor moved from the Midlands to South Devon looking for a change of lifestyle. They wanted to slow the clock down and move away from the City to pursue their dream of creating an ecologically friendly, low impact, sustainable, self catering yurt holidays site with the emphasis on providing luxurious woodland accommodation.

Now five years down the line and they are offering a unique yurt holiday experience, based on Contemporary Yurts.
These yurts represent a modern adaptation of the traditional type, retaining the round fluid lines and strength of the ancient form but with an aesthetically pleasing and
uplifting, spacious design.

Over the first few years, enquiries about using Yurtcamp for events were trickling in. Being able to host wedding receptions, parties and corporate functions seemed a natural development of the business. After an exhaustive search on the internet for the most impressive structure, the clear winner was the Stratus Nordic tipi. Says Zoë "Our Stratus Nordic tipi arrived in time for the 2010 season and is a stunning structure that adds style, atmosphere and a real WOW factor to events. It is ideal for all events from a rustic campfire supper to a candlelit wedding reception. Since introducing the Nordic tipi we have seen our event business grow dramatically".


Rental companies

flag-small-uae.png Canvas & Wood


canvas-and-wood-pic.jpgNatalie Crampton and Aron Bentley were already running a very successful event management company in Dubai called the The Event Company when they discovered
the tipis during a trip to the UK. After initial contact was made, their decision to purchase these unique and special tents was very quick, resulting in Canvas & Wood being

By combining theirs skills as event managers, in a very short space of time Aron and Natalie have grown Canvas & Wood in to a highly successful and much respected rental business.

Aron says, “When we launched Canvas & Wood in the Middle East we were confident that the eye-catching tipis would be very popular in this market. There is nothing remotely like them on offer in the region and the tipis have proven to be a hit with corporate clients as well as individuals looking for something a little different to the standard white marquee. The tipis offer a unique and attention grabbing alternative which continue to generate interest and bookings from all over the Middle East”

flag-small-uk.png PapaKåta


In 2006 PapaKåta was born when, trying to find a unique venue for their own wedding, Richard and Amanda Monaghan came across the kåta tents and it was love at first sight! Richard comments, "We looked at loads of different companies, but all their marquees looked, well, a bit samey. And we wanted something special. When we finally came across the kåta tents, we just fell for them."

With many hundreds of successful events behind them, PapaKåta are one of the most experienced Nordic tipi hire companies in the UK.

PapaKåta’s story has been one of continued growth. "We knew we needed great marketing from the word go, and this has been key in creating demand for our giant hat kåta tents which has allowed us to continue to invest year on year", says Richard. "Compared to standard white marquees, our Nordic tipis are still comparatively rare. Much of our business is generated from previous clients recommendations, so it’s a case of the more events we do the more people discover PapaKåta and fall in love with the tipis".

flag-small-au.png SamiKata Tipi Events


SamiKata Tipi Events are proud to be the first tipi hire company in Australia.

samikata-pic.jpgThey are based in Sydney, a city of
continuous activity and excitement. With its beautiful beaches and waterways,
spectacular headlands, native bushland, pristine parks, rolling countryside and picturesque vineyards, Sydney and its surrounding region makes an ideal setting
for any wedding or occasion. Since they started in 2010 they have worked with some of Australia’s leading event companies to create incredible celebrations at the bottom
of a quarry, a Sydney Harbour beach, private and Botanical gardens. They take pride in their customer service and consider themselves to be small enough to care, but large enough to deliver an incredible space, atmosphere and exceptional experience.

Company directors, Lee and Carmen say, “We first fell in love with these magical Nordic kåtas in the UK, at the world renowned Glastonbury music festival and also at a friend’s wedding. We knew instantly that these kåtas were what was missing from the wedding and events market in Australia for people looking for an utterly unique and simply stunning experience.”

flag-small-no.png Tentipi Rental Norway


Tentipi Rental Norway is based in Nes Hedmark in Norway. They are the longest standing company in Norway using Tentipi tents, working with both rental and sale. Since their establishment, they have experienced year on year growth.

tentipi-rental-norway-pic.jpgTheir customer base is diverse. Some are one off customers who desire a structure that is unique and special for an important occasion, a structure that must help create amazing memories for a lifetime. Many are customers who return time after time to experience the service of a great company, and the quality and reliability of an excellent product. Festivals are becoming key customers, with organisers wanting a structure that is
different from a standard party or circus tent. Companies too, are constantly looking for ways to surprise and delight their clients and workforce, so they are important customers as well.

Erik Finden of Tentipi Rental Norway comments, "The adaptability of Tentipi Event tipis makes them the perfect choice for our clients. These Sami inspired tents ensure that guests that spend time in them have an enjoyable occasion regardless of the context in which they are used. We have built a highly successful business, with continued growth, based purely on these top quality and unusual Nordic tipis."

flag-small-uk.png The Stunning Tents Company


Inspired by yurts and other nomadic tents, The Stunning Tents Company was formed in 2004 and began hiring out 3 styles of small tent. It very quickly became clear that running a business based on small tents wasn’t going to be viable. So the search was on for something unusual but much bigger, and that’s when they discovered 
Tentipi Nordic tipis.


They brought the first “Giant Hat” Nordic tipi into the UK at the end of 2004, and The Stunning Tents Company became the first company in the world to run a full-time rental business based on this style of tent.

Bigger tents meant bigger events, and bigger events required a more sophisticated approach. So the company engaged a brand designer to design its logo, its “look and feel” and its website. An enormous investment at the time, but perhaps the most important one it ever made. Because the orders really started to come in then; the company ended the season with six Giant Hats.

Every year since, the company has grown the number of Nordic tipis in its hire stock, grown its turnover and grown its profit. The success is down to a simple but highly effective formula: great tents + reliable service.

The tents speak for themselves. They inspire, delight and excite – there’s no doubting they are about as far removed from a traditional “white box” as it is possible to be. People fall in love with them and they become a “must have” part of an event.

Reliable service is the quality that cements a reputation, creates repeat business and generates sustained profitable growth. It’s easy and obvious to say you’re reliable. But delivering on that is more difficult. Answering the phone when it rings, getting quotes out quickly and accurately, turning up on time with the right equipment in good condition, building contingency into everything you do – those are the things that reliability is made from. Easy to say, but not so easy to achieve.

flag-small-es.png TIPICHiC


tipichic-pic.jpgTIPICHiC is based in Madrid, Spain and was founded in 2008 by Almudena Sánchez and Donald Recchia. Both are designers with a passion for all things unique, exotic and beautiful. Their idea was simple: Offer a fantastic alternative to the standard white vinyl event tents and marquees that are ubiquitous in Spain. Their search led them
to Tentipi of Sweden and their Stratus 72 event tent which is affectionately known as the Giant Hat kåta.

The Stratus 72 fit their needs perfectly. A single tent can accommodate an intimate garden party or dinner for 40 or 50 guests while any number of tents can be linked together to provide a party space for hundreds of people. The materials, natural wood and fabric, eliminate the need for extensive and expensive decor found in typical marquees. And of course the striking form and shape of the tipis themselves that create unique spaces that cannot be duplicated with any other type of event tent.

Now into their third rental season, TIPICHiC has seen its business more than double every year and offers its services over the entire Iberian peninsula. Don Recchia, co-founder of TIPICHiC states: "I have many people approaching me and asking what is the secret of our success given the economic situation here in Spain and the answer is simple; hard work, attention to detail and the fact that these tents really do sell themselves. People absolutely LOVE them."

flag-small-au.png TipiKata


tipikata-pic.jpgTipiKata is Victoria’s first giant tipi tent company. Whilst still a young business TipiKata is a beautiful example of how inspiration, determination and a lot of
courage can combine to create something amazing.

The inspiration came from Hayley Pethica,
co-founder of TipiKata, who first discovered the Nordic tipis whilst attending a friend’s party in the UK. She fell in love with them and instantly recognised the potential for using the tipis to create a new and vibrant rental business in Melbourne and throughout the state of Victoria. Upon returning to Australia Hayley approached a close friend, Lina, and between them they set about turning an idea in to reality.

“Together Lina and I chose to make a considerable commitment launching a completely new concept to the Melbourne event industry, and it has been incredibly exciting and at times a little bit scary”, says Hayley, “but, having done our research, we were confident that our idea would work. We’re passionate about our product and the experience we can provide, and we’ve worked hard... and TipiKata is now flourishing.” Lina adds “Event organisers and planners are always looking for new ideas and concepts to help sell their services. Our tipis provide that point of difference. What we love is that we can share our amazing tipis to help create truly unique celebrations which will mark and cherish those special moments in our client’s lives”

flag-small-uk.png World Inspired Tents


There are many words to describe the collision of events that led to the creation of World Inspired Tents; fate, vision, determination and a little bit of luck are just a few of them.

Founders Ed and Donna Wright had both been working for many years in large multi- national companies, Ed in electronics and Donna in pharmaceuticals. Both of them had reached a point in their careers whereby they longed to start their own business. They wanted to channel their energy and experience into their own venture but the big question, as with many aspiring entrepreneurs, was what.

world-inspired-tents-pic.jpgBy chance Ed and Donna spotted the Tentipi Nordic tipis at a county show and instantly 
fell in love with them. A bit more investigation revealed that no one was renting these amazing structures in England’s West Country. It didn’t take long for Ed and Donna to realise a fantastic business opportunity was staring them both in the face.

A great deal of research, planning and forecasting followed. The result of which was a welcome goodbye to corporate life and the launch of World Inspired Tents in the autumn of 2007. Since then the story of World Inspired Tents has been one of continued growth and profitability, year on year.

Ed and Donna are looking forward to continued growth in both turnover and profitability. Increased revenue has allowed them to invest in first class people to help grow the business and strengthen the World Inspired brand. Coupled with the fabulous tipis, Ed firmly believes that having bright, highly motivated and ambitious people alongside him and Donna is the largest single factor in the success of World Inspired Tents. Ed comments; "All of us at World Inspired Tents share the same values and goals. We love the mutual enthusiasm between us and our clients, it’s highly infectious. Pairing a first class product with an outstanding service is absolutely key to our continued success.”

“We like to steer away from anything corporate sounding, so we don’t use the words ‘mission statement’. However, we do have a motto, which is to surpass our clients expectations every single time and make the next job just that little bit better than the last. No one expects this task to be easy but our beautiful tipis make life so much easier."


Visitor attractions


bewilderwood-pic.jpgBeWILDerwood is an award-winning, wild and imaginative adventure park with magical treehouses and a hint of intriguing characters, bringing a curious difference to the Norfolk Broads, England. The setting for the book 'A Boggle at BeWILDerwood', by local children's author Tom Blofeld, it's a wonderful, mystical land of brave adventurous creatures that you may never see anywhere else in this world. Parents are encouraged to play alongside their children, which makes for a fabulous and brilliantly exciting day out for the whole family.

To make greater use of the wonderful woodland environment on their 22 hectare (50 acre) site, BeWILDerwood began looking for a flexible and unusual structure that they could put to different uses. A Tentipi Stratus 72 became the obvious choice.

Simon Egan, Director at BeWILDerwood, comments "We are delighted with our decision to invest in a Tentipi Stratus 72 Nordic tipi. It gives us a highly flexible shelter in the woods allowing us to run a wide variety of activities and in increasing numbers too. We can do much more than we could before. We use it for craft-making events with families, as an inspiring outdoor classroom for school groups and even as an unusual venue for formal business meetings. Add to that, the excellent customer service, what a great choice we made!"

lapland-uk-pic.jpgLaplandUK was conceived in 2006 when husband and wife team Mike and Alison Battle developed the original and innovative idea of recreating Father Christmas' mythical Arctic homeland in the UK. Born out of their personal frustration at the lack of quality, magical Christmas experiences on offer to their own children in the UK, together with
an awareness of their own and society's wish to make more environmentally responsible choices, the couple set about creating their dream of bringing a Lapland inspired Christmas experience to families here in the UK.

LaplandUK has entranced and captivated thousands of young children receiving national and international acclaim and celebrity patronage for its unique and truly authentic Christmas experience. They are delighted to have been recognised for their innovative twist on a traditional idea by receiving Kent's 2008 Business Innovation Award.

Of course, tents designed and manufactured in Swedish Lapland inspired by the kåtas of the Sami reindeer-herding people were high up the shopping list when LaplandUK was conceived. Over the years they have used a number of different Tentipi tents including Stratus 72, Cirrus 40 and Granit 21.

Mike Battle, founder of LaplandUK says "Our aim is to create a magical experience for our visitors, using as many authentic features as possible. Tents from Lapland were an obvious choice for us and we’ve used them every year; they definitely add something to the experience, a sense of wonder for people who have never seen them before."


The Norwegian Forest Museum tells the Nordic history of hunting, trapping, fishing and forestry. With over 110,000 visitors annually it is one of the biggest museums of its kind in Norway.

norwegian-forest-museum-pic.jpgFor nearly 30 years, the Norwegian Forest Museum has stood in a unique position among Norwegian museums when it comes
to good educational services to children and young people. Skilled guides, interesting topics and a solid grounding in the
curriculum are important reasons for this.
This means that children and young people are one of the main groups of visitors the museum has.

The Norwegian Forest Museum's permanent and changing exhibitions are an important basis in their school-oriented work. It is the gateway to the understanding of the Nordic regions rich history in the forest and uncultivated land, hunting and fishing. The Open-Air Museum and the Museum's areas of forest and aquatic environments have provided the museum with fantastic opportunities to put learning into practice. In Nature School, students get the opportunity to sleep in traditional lavvo type tents, which are provided in the form of Tentipi giant tipis.


Based in the Djursland region of Denmark, the Scandinavian Wildlife Park covers a total area of 450,000m2 (45 hectares) and is home to a total of approximately 300 animals of 21 native species. There are dedicated areas for polar bears, wolves, bears, moose and even the fascinating muskox, which looks like it may have just arrived from the ice age!

skandinavisk-pic.jpgThe Wildlife Park encourages camping activities, where groups of people can stay within the park itself and enjoy all of the sights and sounds of the animals and have the whole wilderness to themselves until the next morning. For this purpose they use a Tentipi Cirrus 72, where they can offer a
really unique group camping experience, which reflects the culture of the Sami people.

After a busy day exploring the park and feeding the animals, dinner is prepared and guests enjoy a fine meal in their tipi. As darkness approaches, it is possible to fall asleep to all the different sounds in the animal park.


Restaurants & Hotels


nordkalotten-pic.jpgLocate near Lulea in the north of Sweden,
the Nordkalotten Hotel is much more than just a hotel. Whilst being one of Sweden’s smartest and most prestigious conference facilities, it is able to offer a spectacular setting for weddings, adventure activity breaks and corporate gatherings.

The hotel has very strong links with the Sami culture and is built from thousand-year-old Kelo wood, with the eight corners of the hotel symbolising the eight seasons of the Sami year.

To enhance its cultural connections with the Sami, the hotel uses Tentipi’s Stratus 72s as a restaurant, where diners can enjoy food cooked on an open fire inside the tipi. They even go as far as using environmentally friendly wooden plates which then become fire wood once the meal is finished.


Voluntary Organisations & Charities

flag-small-uk.png Down to Earth


down-to-earth-pic.jpgDown to Earth Project specialises in personal development and sustainability education through the use of the outdoors. Based on a beautiful four acre smallholding on the
Gower Peninsula in Wales, they offer a range of ground-breaking education programmes
for ‘hard to reach’ and ‘disadvantaged’
groups and training in traditional and sustainable building methods. They also
work with schools and community organisations to design and build beautiful outdoor spaces using natural and sustainable materials.

"Our giant tipi is a fantastic, eye catching resource for our organization. It enables us to offer something unique, something jaw-dropping and something which our client groups never forget, explains Mark McKenna, Director of Down to Earth. From a large workshop space to somewhere just to relax in the afternoon, the giant tipi offers us versatility by having a temporary structure which draws people in and can be adapted to the wild weather of coastal Wales."

"Our smaller tipis get dotted around the larger ‘mother’ tipi for client groups to sleep in. Regular groups include Barnardos, youth services, youth offending teams and homeless projects. Being able to offer such an exciting and unique provisional is central to our ethos of increasing access to the outdoors and personal development for the most 'disadvantaged'."

In addition, to increase their unrestricted income in order to support their funded work, Down to Earth offer the site and the tipis for weddings and other private events. Mark comments that; "Again, these tents are hugely appealing".

flag-small-uk.png Ocean Youth Trust Ireland


OYTI-pic.jpgOcean Youth Trust Ireland (OYTI) is
dedicated to providing the young people of Ireland, from all walks of life and backgrounds, the opportunity to participate
in the unique experience that is Sail Training. It is a youth centred organization at who’s heart is experiential learning. They do not simply take young people on a boat trip, rather they bring young people on a journey
of discovery about themselves, their environment and ultimately help them to find their place in society. OYTI’s greatest asset is its volunteers and fantastic equipment - a state of the art Adventure Camp setup and a wide range of sailing and powered vessels. Together these offer a unique platform for youth development, providing the perfect environment for building mutual respect, self esteem, core values and a connection with the wider world.

Says Matthew Brook, Operations Manager "Our two Nordic tipis do everything that they are supposed to do, with the added style and panache which a marquee cannot achieve. I have never used this type of tent before and I am most definitely a convert!"



flag-small-uk.png Jamie’s Fabulous Feasts


Jamie Oliver's Fabulous Feasts is a partnership between Jamie and fresh food expert Nigel Harris based on a shared passion for delivering an exciting new concept to the event catering industry.

jamie-oliver-pic.jpgTogether, Jamie and Nigel have created a unique offering that concentrates on sourcing the best food from great producers - upping the ante on what is currently found across much of the event catering industry and striving to make the food a truly memorable part of the overall event or experience of which they’re a part. They strive to use British growers and farmers wherever possible, but if taking a swim off British shores means getting the best ingredients, then that's what they do. They then add Jamie's creative twist and flair to dishes and deliver them through an established, experienced team to three main sectors in the event catering industry. For customers running a hospitality offering, public catering or a fixed offer from a venue, Fabulous Feasts has vibrant menus to suit the need, whilst never compromising on quality.

Matching great food and great service with an eye-catching front-of-house structure made complete sense. Something that would fit with Jamie’s inspirational approach and down-to-earth, no-nonsense attitude and his love of well crafted, rustic objects. Inspired by Nordic tipi events they’d each held themselves in the past, the choice was obvious for Jamie and Nigel and they decided to invest in a Stratus 72.

As Jamie says "When I was earning my pocket money as a kid at my Dad's pub, I always loved working on special events like weddings and parties, and this is really what inspired Jamie Oliver's Fabulous Feasts. It's an opportunity for me to be involved in the sort of catering I'm passionate about - bringing people together and making an occasion truly memorable." Adds Nigel "And what could be better than serving our tasty food from a tasty tipi."


Design features and fabrics

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