HeatPal 5100

The versatile alternative to a wood stove

Provides warmth and heats food. No leaks,
no pump, no explosion risk, starts instantly.

Uses methylated spirits and provides 1.5kW of heat output. Burns for
about 5 hours on a full tank at full power.

Often a much better alternative for the Nordic tipi than a wood stove. Don't forget:
  • Burns without supervision throughout the night
  • Ready for cooking faster than a wood stove
  • Continuous heat adjustment. Get exactly the heat you want
  • No assembly
  • More convenient than carry several sacks of wood
  • More versatile. Can be used in your garage, on your boat and even on hunting trips
  • Two HeatPal heaters are a great deal cheaper than one stove. They weigh much less and only take up half the space!
Weight: 2.5 kg.
Dimensions: 285 x 285 mm.
HeatPal 5100 extra tank
For HeatPal 5100. Can be used separately if you need extra warmth but would need the same caution as an open fire. 1.2 litre.
All Tentipi® Adventure tents are designed to be used with an open fire or stove; it is this feature that makes them a home from home in all weather conditions. But please make sure you are fully competent to deal with the risks involved, before striking that match. Read, understand and follow the instructions and fire safety advice that come with your tent.

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