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Designed and tested in Sweden. 
Crafted using the finest materials available.
Built on 30 years of expertise.

The long-awaited Aurum 33 glamping Nordic tipi has been years in the making. Aurum is the Latin word and Au the periodic symbol for gold, and “rum” is the Swedish word for room. Welcome to Aurum 33, our golden room. 

For the first time, we have a dedicated glamping product, drawing on three decades of expertise. Aurum 33 offers our customers a robust glamping tent with unparalleled design, weather-proofing and enviable longevity.

The poles are made from a specific species of spruce, sourced from sustainable forests in northern Sweden, and lab-tested to prove structural integrity. Aurum is available in three different materials. Our custom-made Pro fabrics (Pro and Pro FRC) have been tried and tested for many years in our Event tents. They are flame-retardant to meet international standards and provide the best weather-proofing and UV-resistance. Aurum is also available in our new Base FR fabric, a fabric we strongly believe in, which is flame-retardant and has a lower price.

Ventilation in the Nordic tipi is managed via our carefully designed and well-proven In-Tent Vent™ system. The tent can be fitted with an optional ventilator cap with a chimney opening, allowing easy installation of a wood-burning stove for year-round glamping.

At opposite sides of the Nordic tipi, there are porches fitted with transparent panels. They create spacious entrances, with one acting as a “bay window” through which one can look out over a nice view. They provide flexible ventilation and, together with six other windows, let in lots of natural light. For privacy, each window has either an interior canvas panel or a curtain.






  • 6.5 m in diameter and 4.9 m in height
  • Frame built of strong wooden poles that are totally free of chemicals
  • No central pole, allowing space for a large double bed and two singles
  • Total weight when packed: 250 kg
  • In-Tent Vent™ system for easy ventilation control; optional insect net available
  • Optional ventilator cap with a chimney opening for installation of a wood-burning stove
  • Optional integrated floor to avoid insects and eliminate damp from the ground
  • Flame-retardant fabrics, meeting international standards: our custom-made fabrics Pro and Pro FRC, offering the best weather-proofing available, and Base which has a lower price but in fact even better flame-retardant properties than the Pro fabric
  • Sustainably sourced timber, lab-tested to measure its various strength characteristics
  • Fitted with two porches, serving as spacious entrances; one porch also acts as a “bay window”, allowing for a nice view
  • Six windows and four transparent, openable porch panels to allow lots of natural light in and facilitate flexible ventilation; each window is fitted with an adjustable canvas panel or curtain for privacy
  • Ground anchoring options for soft ground, hard ground and decking
  • Build team and build time: 2 people, 2 hours
  • Shipping worldwide


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