Image: Les Tipis De Mare Longue

Tag us in your photos and be in with a chance to win a Zirkon 7 Tentipi Adventure Tent.
We are also giving away a Tentipi Hammock every week for 12 weeks!



We are looking for the most beautiful, entertaining, inspiring or unusual images featuring Tentipi Event Tents.

For your images to be included in the competition simply tag @tentipieventtents in any of your Instagram posts that meet the brief, and include the #TentipiTravels hashtag.

All entries will be considered by a panel of Tentipi staff. 


The closing date for the Zirkon tent prize is 31st July 2020.

The overall winner will receive a Zirkon 7  Tentipi Adventure Tent (worth £1350).

The Zirkon 7 has been used in expeditions to some of the most challenging environments on Earth.

It provides all-weather performance, warmth, headroom, and excellent ventilation, plus an open fire if you want it, and sleeps 6-8 people.

Zirkon 7 cp Tentipi Adventure



We will also be picking out one winner EVERY WEEK for the next 12 weeks to win one of our upcycled Tentipi Hammocks.

Each of the weekly winners will then be entered into the main prize draw for the Zirkon 7 Adventure Tent!

Tentipi Hammock


You must be a member of the Authentic Nordic Tipi Association.

 All entries are to be made available for Tentipi to share on Social Media (with credits to customers and photographers).

There is no limit on the number of images that can be entered.

If you aren't an ANTA member but would like to be in with a chance to win.



If you have any further questions about the ANTA please get in touch.

Special Event TipisImage: Special Event Tipis

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Safe social distancing solutions are the key to getting back to business.

For 31 years Tentipi Event Tents have been supplying imaginative, practical and beautiful structures to pubs, bars, restaurants and venues around the world.

Fully engineered and meeting international fire safety standards, Tentipi Event Tents are easy to build and fast to install.

With so many events being postponed until later this year, it got me thinking about the dozens of tipis I built for winter events during my 11 years running a tent rental business.

Jocke Sundberg is one of three owners of Uthuset, a Swedish tent company with several different parts. Together with Janne Johansson and Kajsa Albrechtsson, Jocke runs a business in a big old barn, Ladan, where you can buy outdoor equipment, primary tents of different shapes, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and rucksacks. Sales are also done through the web shop. Another part of the business is tent rental and a wholesale business is a third. Ladan, the Barn, was renovated and started to be used as a shop and showroom for tents (summer time) in the spring of 2017. Tentipi is one of the exhibition brands.

Imagine the Danish country side in May. Small roads allowing cars, but perhaps mainly bicyclists, to gently roll over the green fields, passing red brick houses, farmlands, tree groves that have seen centuries passing by. Above all of these, blue skies with small white clouds blowing in with the salty winds from the North Sea. And in this Scandinavian idyll fourteen giant beige brown Nordic tipis rises, hosting 1,000 people, as a local Danish banking company wanted to celebrate its 100th anniversary together with customers on a big day out.

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