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Design features

A chain is only as strong as
its weakest link. This concept
applies to factors that affect
safety, strength and
ventilation in tent design.

Tentipi Adventure tipis have a big advantage in the wind because they have a symmetrical shape with a low centre of gravity. This keeps the Nordic tipi stable when the wind gusts. Most of the Nordic tipi area that’s under wind pressure is near the ground, where the wind speed is lower. Only a small, slim area projects higher than other tents. This means that Tentipi Adventure tipis are actually more secure in high and gusty winds than most other tent designs.

Tentipi® Adventure tipis are designed for year-round use, but, as with all tents, you must clean snow from them continuously to maintain their design performance.

When using an open fire, please respect local restrictions.


Design features and fabrics

Find out what makes our Adventure Nordic tipis so special.

Read our fire safety document

Learn how to use fire safely in our Nordic tipis.




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