Are hot tents safe?

A hot tent with stove – knowledge and equipment provide the best conditions for winter camping. Safety is important when you want a hot tent by using a stove or making an open fire. Your own knowledge and information on how to safely make a fire, in a tent that is made for use with an open fire or a stove, and equipment made for the tent type, provides the best conditions for a warm and wonderful winter camping.

Protect the tent fabric

Make sure that the mosquito net ceiling at the top of the tent is open so that it does not come into contact with the pipe. Close the ventilator cap and attach the regulating tube, which adjust the ventilator cap, to the wall instead of to the central pole.


Install the insulation pipe where the chimney pipe exits through the chimney opening. The insulation pipe prevents the tent fabric from coming into contact with the hot chimney pipe.

If you use a floor or inner tent with a floor, open the floor in the centre so that the fireplace stands directly on the ground.

Make sure that the stove body or an open fire has a space where no clothes or other combustible objects come close and can melt or burn. With children or dogs in the tent, a compost grid can prevent them from getting too close to the fireplace.


Instructions included with the tent

Be sure you are fully competent to handle both the fire and the environment involved before striking that match.

Read the instructions included with the tent, you will also find care instructions, hints and advice at


Fire safety

In winter, there is usually no fire ban, but make sure that it is allowed to light a fire where you have pitched the tent.

If you have an open fire, it is best to keep the fire small to keep it safe. Feed with thinner wood and avoid high flames and crackling wood. Heavier woods such as birch, elm, maple and beech burn longer and do not crack like softwood.

In a stove, it is good to have a thick bed of embers as a base, and then put on a couple of thicker firewood that burns slowly and emits heat for a longer period of time. As long as there are embers, you have a hot tent.

Never leave the fire unattended.

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