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30105 Olivin 2 cp   30108 Inner tent 2 Comfort half   30106 Floor 2 Comfort   30107 Rain roof 2 Comfort cp   40024 Hekla fire box stand with 40035 Hekla BBQ grate 30   12310 12311 12312 Mesh inner tent Base   11767 11969 Mesh inner tent Base half   12630 IT Solo pitching kit square

Olivin 2 cpInner tent 2 Comfort, halfFloor 2 ComfortRain roof 2 Comfort cpHekla fire box standHekla BBQ grate 30Mesh inner tent BaseMesh inner tent Base, halfIT Solo pitching kit


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How to repair your Tentipi tent?

8 Oct 2020

Sometimes you have to repair your Tentipi tent. Some things you can manage yourself, others you need help to do. Here are some tips from Tentipi.


Tipi Unique On Adapting and Staying Positive

30 Sep 2020

There is no denying that times are challenging for all of us who work in the events industry.

Despite the restrictions being placed on the industry we are seeing many of our customers adapt and find new ways to work.

Karen Thorp-Cleaver, owner of prize winning UK rental business Tipi Unique, tells us the story of how she and her team have adjusted to the ‘new normal’ and her belief that the events industry will recover…


Lots of camping in tents with standing headroom

6 Aug 2020

Christian Reinwarth and Judith Senger live near Düsseldorf in Germany. They visited Tentipi, Sunne, a Friday in July to get a tent repaired, to buy a floor and to expand their tent range with an Olivin in cotton/polyester. That’s their fifth Tentipi tent and in an interview the couple told how it comes they are so fond of Nordic tipis from Tentipi. They gave some advice for camping as well.

Wilderness perfume, a fragrance that makes one feels well

21 Jul 2020

The scents of nature always smell good, right? Well, that's a truth with exaggeration. There are such amounts of different smells, and they are experienced in different ways due to experiences, memories and circumstances that you do not always know. The sense of smell is more or less developed and this makes it difficult to know what others feel about scents. How much the sensory cells are exposed to a certain smell also determines how you feel about it. The olfactory cells can be tired by an intense scent and if another comes close, it feels much stronger. Now there is research that shows that you can feel well about different smells and researchers have managed to find out how some everyday scents develop.


Give yourself a day

14 Jul 2020

Give yourself a time, a place, give yourself peace with opportunities to be right here and now. A quiet day when you are at the centre of your care in the meadow, in the woods, on the mountain top, on the hills, on the beach wherever you get the rest you need.


Create More Event Space With Tentipi

20 May 2020

As the world emerges from lockdown, the immediate challenge for the hospitality, event and sporting industries is the need for extra space.

Safe social distancing solutions are the key to getting back to business.

For 31 years Tentipi Event Tents have been supplying imaginative, practical and beautiful structures to pubs, bars, restaurants and venues around the world.

Fully engineered and meeting international fire safety standards, Tentipi Event Tents are easy to build and fast to install.

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