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Why does everybody who loves the outdoor life live indoor?

16 januari 2020

Hanne spent nine months in a Safir 7 cp from Tentipi to get to know her new ground where she was going to build a house. The idea was also to find out if “Life is better outside”, as they say in Norway. The story starts in July, the hot summer of 2018 and ends in April 2019. Hanne has learnt a lot and thinks that an Adventure Nordic tipi from Tentipi is as good as it was promised and even better. She really embraces the elements and got inspiration for her new house from living in the tipi in different seasons.

Jättetält med kompisar i södra delen av Sverige

2 december 2019

Jocke Sundberg är smålänningen som tillsammans med Janne Johansson och Kajsa Albrechtsson driver Uthuset, ett företag med flera delar. Försäljning av friluftsattiraljer främst tält av olika slag, sovsäckar, liggunderlag och ryggsäckar sker från butiken i den stora ladan och genom webbshopen. Uthyrning av tält är ytterligare en del och en grossiströrelse är en tredje. Ladan renoverades och började användas som butik och utställningslokal för tält (sommartid) under våren 2017. Tentipi är ett av de varumärken som ställs ut.


Gigantic event tents in the south of Sweden

2 december 2019

Jocke Sundberg is one of three owners of Uthuset, a Swedish tent company with several different parts. Together with Janne Johansson and Kajsa Albrechtsson, Jocke runs a business in a big old barn, Ladan, where you can buy outdoor equipment, primary tents of different shapes, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and rucksacks. Sales are also done through the web shop. Another part of the business is tent rental and a wholesale business is a third. Ladan, the Barn, was renovated and started to be used as a shop and showroom for tents (summer time) in the spring of 2017. Tentipi is one of the exhibition brands.


Building giant tents for 1,000 guests at the Danish country side

19 november 2019

Imagine the Danish country side in May. Small roads allowing cars, but perhaps mainly bicyclists, to gently roll over the green fields, passing red brick houses, farmlands, tree groves that have seen centuries passing by. Above all of these, blue skies with small white clouds blowing in with the salty winds from the North Sea. And in this Scandinavian idyll fourteen giant beige brown Nordic tipis rises, hosting 1,000 people, as a local Danish banking company wanted to celebrate its 100th anniversary together with customers on a big day out.


Giant tents at 2,800 metres and in the middle of a blizzard

12 november 2019

There are pictures in one’s mind of blazing mountains with white snow on top and an amazing azure-blue heaven with an unbelievably brilliant sun. The thought of going downhill skiing just makes your legs dancing and jumping. On the other hand in valleys and over tree-free heights there can also be very windy now and then. Nordic tipi rental Eventipi had a first-hand experience of the fickle weather of the high altitudes when taking on a spectacular build on 2,800 metres in the French Alps back in 2018.


The birth of the linking of the Stratus 72

9 augusti 2019

One of the really great features of Tentipi’s giant tent, the Stratus 72, is its abilities to be linked together, so you can add two, three, five, twelve tents, up to infinity, to create huge enclosed spaces that can host weddings, business events and festivals. This feature is perhaps the key to the company’s success in the event tent industry. And the invention came from one of our earliest customers – a Sami guy called Roger Rimpi from Jokkmokk, northern Sweden.