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Blogg: Adventure

Night at the Zoo – explore the park after dark and fall asleep in a Nordic tipi

10 januari 2022

Wouldn't it be exciting to spend the night right in the middle of a zoo? – That is exactly what you can do at Skånes Djurpark, a wildlife park in southern Sweden. At their campsite, Camp Oak, you stay in the park after it closes and will make yourself at home in a Nordic tipi from Tentipi. When the night comes you might just fall asleep to the wolves’ howls.

Skånes Djurpark is a Wildlife Park with a long history, it dates back to 1952. It focuses on animals from the Nordic area and has always lived by the ruling with “no animals in cages”. The animals live in large paddocks that recreates the animals’ natural environments.

Sapmi Nature Camp – Sami culture and glamping in the arctic

30 december 2021

Lennart Pittja is a Sámi entrepreneur with a mission: with his world-renowned eco-tourism company he wants to spread the knowledge about his people – the Sami, indigenous of northern Scandinavia and Russia. With over 20 years of experience as a wildlife guide and nature photographer in the arctic region he started Sápmi Nature Camp. Where his guests stay in Nordic tipis from Tentipi on his reindeer herding land outside of Gällivare, in northern Sweden.

At Sapmi Nature camp you can experience real winter, see the northern lights, eat traditional Sami food, and have a cultural exchange in a genuine atmosphere. The scenic location has gained attraction from around the world. In 2017 it was listed by National Geographic as one of the top 21 places in the world to visit if you care about the planet.

Discovering the world’s most remote places with Mike Fuchs

17 juni 2021

It was the first day of the trip, adventurer Mike Fuchs and his friend Eric Folz had just a couple of hours before been dropped off as far north as they could possibly come in Svalbard when they saw them. Two polar bears, one mother and its cub. A situation that could become deadly if the bears decided to have a closer look on their new visitors.

“I know how protective the mothers can be of their cubs. We had to set up our camp in a place that provided a good overview of the location so we could spend the night bear watching. It was both a scary feeling seeing them so early into our trip, but it was also very fascinating”, says Mike Fuchs.

Nio saker du behöver veta om vintercamping

5 maj 2021

Förbered dig innan du ger dig ut på vintercamping. Här är nio tips och råd från Tentipi om vad du behöver tänka på: rätt tält för vintercamping, hur du packar snön, bekvämt i snö, vilka tältspikar man använder, var du reser tältet, om snötyngd, vilka värmekällor som går att kombinera med tältet, hur du eldar säkert och övrig utrustning.

Winter camping

Nine things you need to know about winter camping

5 maj 2021

Prepare before setting out for winter camping. Here are nine tips and tricks from Tentipi about what you need to think of before you go: the right tent for winter camping, how to pack the snow, comfort in snow, which tent pegs to use, where to pitch the tent, about snow weight, what heat sources can be combined with the tent, how to make a fire safely and other equipment.

Choose tents according to occasion, different tent types work differently at winter camping. When it’s icy, the tent needs to be more robust than a tent which is exclusively used in summer. The tent frame needs to withstand a certain amount of snow and functional ventilation is important. If you want to use a heat source, for example a fireplace or a stove, the tent needs to have ventilation openings both at ground level and at the top.  Without a heat source, a smaller tent is preferable, as it heats up faster when the air volume is smaller.

Winter camping

Ett mångsidigt tält med många möjligheter Del 1 Adventuretält

7 december 2020

Ett tält från Tentipi är en tältkåta och tältet har åtta eller nio sidor, om det inte är det minsta som har sex sidor. I det minsta tältet kan man stå raklång om man är under 160 centimeter lång och i det största kan man samlas flera tusen personer. Tältkåtan är mångsidig på fler sätt. Läs vidare och se vad som gör att man kan använda tältkåtan till mycket. I den här bloggen handlar det om de mindre tälten i Tentipis sortiment, tältkåtor som används av äventyrare, familjer, vandrare och andra som vill bo och leva nära naturen under kortare eller längre tid.


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