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Semester nära – klimatsmart och hållbart resande

20 juni 2019

Koppla ihop semestern med en tältkåta från Tentipi och kollektivt resande i nära miljö och du kan koppla av medveten om att det är klimatsmart och hållbart.

Hemester – tio klimatsmarta och hållbara semestertips

20 juni 2019

Semestra klimatsmart i sommar – ta med dig en tältkåta ut i ditt närområde och upptäck Sverige! Här är tio bra tips för sommarens hemester.


Three recipes with nettles - outdoor cooking with Elles Utemat

9 maj 2019

Who doesn’t love a great meal out in the wild? This episode of the Tentipiblog feature“Elle”Elena Nikishkova, owner of the the oh-so popular ambulating Swedish outdoor food truck She’s a professional outdoor cook who draw inspiration from the New Nordic Food Manifesto, working only with sustainable, ecological and locally produced ingredients.

30th Birthday celebrations in Arvidsjaur, Swedish Lapland

18 april 2019

We have finally had a chance to dust off the snow, catch up on email and reflect on our 30th Birthday celebrations with the Event tent customers, which were held in Arvidsjaur, Swedish Lapland, last month.


30 years crafting Nordic tipis

16 januari 2019

2019 marks our 30th Birthday, a whole three decades since our founder and CEO, Bengt Grahn, started to make the prototype tents that now form the backbone of our global brand.


Outdoor living on the edge of the urban jungle

29 januari 2018

We call our Nordic tipis “A home from home”. A development of the traditional Sami “kåta”, it has been used as a home, not a shelter, by generation after generation. And it continues to be so. In this episode of the Tentipiblog, we meet Gina and Koen who made the quite unorthodox decision to move out into a Safir 9 cp, still keeping their regular day-to-day at their offices.

Living in a Nordic tipi