What is hot tent camping?

Hot tent camping, winter camping with a stove in the tent to heat the hot tent. Why don’t you try it too? Imagine sitting inside the tent, hearing some rustling and crackling from the fire while getting warm after today's adventure. The clothes dry and the food tastes as you gather around the fireplace. A tent with a stove is a fantastic heat source for socialising, eating and sleeping – no matter what adventures you have been on during the day. A hot tent is suitable when you go dog sledding, go skiing over the vast expanses, ride snowmobiles with friends or are on the hunt.

Hot tent means a tent where you can use a stove in the tent, which is appreciated while winter camping. There are a number of things to keep in mind when planning the camping in a hot tent and not all tents are suitable for making a fire, either in a stove or as an open fire.

As soon as it comes to making a fire and heating something, you need to be aware of safety. Hot materials melt or start to burn at higher temperatures, so how should the tent be designed to be a good hot tent?

First, good ventilation is a must when you make a fire in the tent, at the same time you want to get most of the heat left in the tent.

Secondly, the tent needs to have a chimney opening where the chimney can go out so that the smoke exits of the tent.

Thirdly, it is important that the chimney is insulated, so that the hot pipe does not touch the tent fabric at the chimney opening.

Plus degrees inside the tent and colder temperature outside means that there is condensation in the tent. A breathable tent fabric, such as a cotton/polyester fabric, is the best way to solve the problem of condensation on the tent walls as the moisture exits through the well-ventilated walls. Use a stove or make an open fire in the tent to reduce condensation inside.


Another alternative is to use an inner tent that protects against the condensation from the outer tent. This means an advantage in a lightweight tent. Keep in mind that a lightweight fabric melts more easily than a cotton/polyester fabric.

With the Sami knowledge from centuries back, Tentipi has developed a modern tent, the Nordic tipi, where you can make an open fire or a fire in a stove to get a nice heat in a hot tent.

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Eldfell for varme och mat i talt vedeldadPhoto of Safir 9 cp above by Lina Flodins

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