What is a Nordic tipi from Tentipi?

Tentipi produces Nordic tipis to make it easier to people to go out into nature, meet, talk by the fire and feel good. A home from home.


What is a Nordic tipi from Tentipi

The Nordic tipi is a shelter with a fireplace in the middle of the tent. You are close to nature, embraced by it and feel good close to earth, water, air and fire. The round shape feels like a hug and makes everyone seen by each other. The pointing top shows the way to the stars, the wishes and the dreams of life.

What is a Nordic tipi from Tentipi stove

A home from home, the living room in a backpack. In a Nordic tipi from Tentipi, you will hopefully feel the same homeliness and closeness to nature as the indigenous people have done for years before us.