What is a Nordic tipi and what are the benefits?

An introduction to the Adventure Nordic tipi. A guide to its characteristics and the benefits of a cone shaped tent. The Adventure range of Nordic tipis are tents with eight pegs, a central pole and tent fabric – easy to pitch and bring at camping, hiking and other adventures in nature. All Tentipi tents share the same physiology and are built around the same principles. Here follows a list of the main characteristics of the home-from-home Nordic tipis from Tentipi.

There are many more features of our Adventure Nordic tipis.
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We also offer Event Nordic tipis – spacious, flexible and unique giant tents which create an exciting setting and a great ambiance for inspiring events, and Glamping Nordic tipis – high-end, elegant tents for glamorous camping with an airy and authentic atmosphere. Made of wooden poles and sustainable canvas.

2018 tent range Event

In the Tentipi range there is also Tentipi Circular – left-over materials are turned into new products and second-hand tents are given a new life.