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It’s the flexibility and versatility of our Nordic tipis that makes them the ideal choice for any event.

  • Link any number together to suit any event size
  • Perfect in winter or summer, sides up or down
  • Ideal for corporate events, weddings, parties and festivals

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Authentic-Nordic-Tipis-logo.pngWe’ve combined the design of the traditional Sami kåta from northern Scandinavia with modern manufacturing techniques to create inspiring
and versatile spaces.

For 25 years Tentipi has been devoted to crafting Nordic tipis
- and nothing else.

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"The adaptability of Tentipi Event tipis makes them the perfect choice for our clients. We have built a highly successful business, with continued growth, based purely on these top quality and unusual Nordic tipis."

Erik Finden, Tentipi Rental Norway



UAE flag.pngNothing remotely like them

Natalie Crampton and Aron Bentley were already running a very successful event management company in Dubai when they discovered the tipis. Their decision to purchase these unique and special tents was very quick, resulting in Canvas & Wood being born. In a very short space of time they have grown Canvas & Wood in to a highly successful and much respected rental business.

“There is nothing remotely like them on offer in the region and the tipis have proven to be a hit with corporate clients as well as individuals looking for something different to the standard white event tent.”


flag-uk.pngLove at first sight

In 2006 PapaKåta was born when, trying to find a unique venue for their own wedding, Richard and Amanda Monaghan came across the kåta tents and it was love at first sight! “We wanted something special,  we just fell for them." With many hundreds of successful events behind them, PapaKåta are one of the most experienced Nordic tipi hire companies in the UK, and their story has been one of continued growth.

“We knew we needed great marketing from the word go, and this has been key in creating demand for our giant hat kåta tents which has allowed us to continue to invest year on year.”


Australia-flag.pngCreate something amazing

Hayley Pethica, co-founder of TipiKata in Australia, first discovered the Nordic tipis whilst attending a party in the UK. She fell in love with them and instantly recognised the potential for using the tipis to create a new and vibrant rental business. TipiKata is a beautiful example of how inspiration, determination and a lot of courage can combine to create something amazing.

“Event organisers and planners are always looking for new ideas and concepts to help sell their services. Our tipis provide that point of difference. We’re passionate about our product and the experience we can provide, and TipiKata is now flourishing.”


Spanish flag.pngPeople absolutely love them

TIPICHiC, based in Madrid, Spain, was founded in 2008, with the simple idea to offer a fantastic alternative to standard white vinyl tents. Tentipi Nordic tipis, with their striking form and shape, create unique spaces that cannot be duplicated with any other type of event tent. TIPICHiC has seen its business more than double every year.

"I have many people asking what is the secret of our success given the economic situation in Spain and the answer is simple; hard work, attention to detail and the fact that these tents really do sell themselves. People absolutely LOVE them."

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