Tents for wedding and party – different and atmospheric

Photo © Nick Pumphrey

Rent tents for weddings, garden parties, neighbours' evenings. Different, atmospheric, gives ideas for more. Natural, warm and cosy with fireplace if you want.

You and your guests get an experience to remember – from the big day, the nice dinner, the evening to celebrate the student and all other occasions when you gather and enjoy yourself.

A Nordic tipi fits in and gives a unique feeling. You step into another world, as in a fairy tale. Natural wooden poles carry a fabric with a warm colour from the earth's scale. The space of airiness gives the room character. The shape of the tent embraces you and gives a new perspective on life.

The tables are set so that the guests can see each other. The fireplace in the middle keeps the focus centred. It will be a cosy atmosphere and a magical experience.

The tents are available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Many guests?

Link several tents to get a large, cohesive place under the tent canvas. There is no limit to how many guests you can set the table for.

Small party?

Invite into a smaller Nordic tipi with wooden tables and wooden benches covered with reindeer skins and the fire burning in the middle of the tent.


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