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Stratus 72 Double Fully open

Create creativity through an exciting, different gathering place close to the surrounding nature. It generates health to change environment, move outdoors and find new forms of encounters. Variety and versatility means that employees, guests and management increase their well-being and find new angles.*

The tents are available in sizes from room for 15 people and up to several thousand when the Nordic tipis are linked to large covered areas.

Event Stratus 72 ventyrsservice 2013 Foto Richard Persson 0
The large tents can be opened completely or partially and with all tent sides raised you get a more than 130 square meters of covered area. Examples of different configurations, see pictures please.


The smaller tents have a main entrance where the tent fabric is rolled up and provides a large opening. Opposite the main entrance is a smaller entrance.

The Nordic tipis have escape routes and are made of flame-retardant fabric. Please contact customer service for more information at info@tentipi.com

IMG 2877 Nimbus serveringst lt med b nkar och bord

There is a gazebo without walls with proximity to the surrounding environment. It is a tent that provides sun protection or an umbrella of 33 square meters for both temporary activities and daily work.




Photo: Uthuset

    IMG 2635 IKEA juni 2019 5xST72 med WF PVC kopplade till matlada 400 g ster     IMG 2197 F rsta spadtaget ny stadsdel Jkp dec 2018 ST72IMG 2843 Sk rdefest i ppledalen h st 2019 ST72 x2

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