What are those distinctive tents that can be seen at Rally Sweden?

Rally Sweden, Sweden’s largest rally, is a motor racing event held on forest roads in northern Värmland and in Norway. The finish location of the rally is close to Torsby airport, making it the focal point of the World Rally Championship. Torsby is located about 20 miles north of Sunne which is where Tentipi has its operating base and head office. We were asked to set up two connected Nordic tipis close to the quarry, "Swecon Road to Rock Arena", by Torsby airport in preparation for Swedish Rally. Because the stage goes right past the tents, Tentipi’s Nordic tipis will be in full view for both on-the-spot spectators and rally enthusiasts all over the world following the competition from their TV sofas.

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We also have a couple of Nordic tipis positioned along two other stages, one by Vargåsen and one by Svullrya in Norway. These tents are somewhat smaller.


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Tentipi also has a production plant in Moskosel in Lapland, which was where everything began 30 years ago. Today, Tentipi has sales and rental operations all over the world.

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