Tent known by many names – tipi, teepee, Nordic tipi

A tent with many names from origin, use and appearance. A tent from Tentipi is a Nordic tipi, teepee and is suitable as a camping tent.

Tentipis relationship with the Sami indigenous people 2The Nordic tipi from Tentipi has the Sami tent, kata, as a model, but is made of modern materials and with a modern construction technology. The movable tents that have been used by nomads for many years, have inspired the design but also the name of the tent.


The Nordic tipi is called a tent because it is a tent for camping and outdoor life. It is called a tipi or teepee because it is a tipi-shaped tent with ventilation as in a chimney so you can light a fire in the tent. It has standing headroom and the circular shape allows everyone to see each other, which gives fellowship and the opportunity to talk and tell around the fire. The design of the Nordic tipi differs from the origin North American's tent at the door and the ventilator cap at the top. The tent from Tentipi is a tent known by many names.

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